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Who is Landon Lee and what happened to him?

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POLICE is investigating a freak fired in Alabama on June 24, 2022.

The son of 18-year-old local social media star Ofilia Nichols was murdered the day before his birthday.

Who is Landon Lee and what happened to him?

Randon Lee was the son of Ophelia Nichols, a popular Tik Toker known for her account.shoelover99has more than 7 million followers.

Lee was killed at a local gas station on Friday, June 24, just before his 19th birthday.

 In a Facebook post, Nichols wrote: He will be 19 today, but someone else has decided to end my son's life.

"They roam my town and breathe alive in the absence of a son. I and my family are saddened by the loss that my mother never feels, but they Freedom. "

No arrests related to the shooting have been made yet, and the motive behind the murder remains unknown.

Nichols took him to TikTok to publish the video the day after his son's death and asked for help:

"I asked everyone for something. No, but I need your help in this, "she said. "I'm in my town. They're there."

"It's difficult because you put all your faith, hope, and trust in these people and the police," she said. Continued.

"And you have to sit down and pray to my baby to do what they need to do so that the person who did this comes behind the bar You have no choice but to sit here

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