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'UK's most haunted town' plagued by '15 different ghosts' and chilling 'nightly screams'

The UK’s most haunted village has a number of spooky horror stories – and even a world record.

Pluckley in Kent was awarded a Guinness World Record in 1989 and is plagued by various ghosts that make living there a nightmare. Located in the Ashford district of the southeastern county, it is home to around 1,000 people.

The town has seen dozens of gist sightings in recent years, summed up when Guinness World Records named it the most haunted village in England, reports The Mirror. One of those ghost stories has come to be known as the Highway Hauntings.

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The highwayman is said to have been killed on the aptly-named Fright Corner in the 18th century and his ghost is one of the most commonly spotted spirits in the area. Local lore claims the highwayman was pinned to a tree by a sword.

Another hotspot is Dicky Buss's Lane where some say the dead body of a teacher can sometimes be seen in the woods. The teacher is said to have died there during WW1.

Would you like to live here? (stock)
Would you like to live here? (stock)

In another chilling tale a bricklayer was crushed to death by a wall, and his screams are said to be audible around Pluckley from time to time. Locals have also complained of a racket caused by horses from the underworld walking up the Maltman's Hill. One person claimed they even saw a full carriage.

The local church, St Nicholas, is where the body of Lady Dering was laid to rest in the 1100s. She is known as the red lady because of a rose laid there. Some say she still stalks the grounds of the chapel these days.

There is also the white lady who haunts the church, as well as the library of her grand old family home at Surrenden Dering which was destroyed in a fire in 1952.

The village's pubs are spooky too
The village's three pubs are spooky too

There's a house called Greystones that houses a ghostly monk, while Pinock Bridge is said to be haunted by a gypsy woman who is mute. She is said to have burned to death and appears to believers smoking a pipe.

The local boozer, meanwhile, is called the Blacksmith’s Arms but has previously gone by The Spectre's Arms and The Ghost's Arms because of the number of ghosts knocking around. It is allegedly home to three spectres including a Tudor maid, a coachman and a Cavalier.

There’s another pub in the town too, which, shockingly, is also haunted. The watering hole is called the Black Horse – although the hoofed creatures reportedly don’t make many appearances there. Dicky Buss, who has another eerie lane named after him, is said to haunt the local mill which was damaged in a lightning storm.

Screaming woods
The Daily Star recommends you avoid the Screaming Woods after dark (stock)

Also in the local ensemble is a colonel who died in Park Wood and can still reportedly be seen wandering between the trees. Meanwhile over in the 250-year-old Rose Court, a woman is thought to passed away after eating poisoned berries.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a haunted hunting lodge turned into a third pub, now known as the Derring Arms. The boozer's bar is said to be is propped up by a woman’s ghost, which many think is a real person as she appears so clearly. 

If you take a trip to this rather unnerving little town and complete its ghostly pub crawl, you might then fancy a walk in the woods to clear your head. Just make sure to avoid the Screaming Woods, where the sounds of people wailing can reportedly be heard before dark.

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