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Shocking moment yob chucks massive concrete slab at head of woman wearing a hijab in ‘random’ attack

THIS is the shocking moment a yob chucked a massive concrete slab at the head of a woman wearing a hijab in the middle of the street.

Horrifying footage shows the cruel incident that took place on a street in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, on Tuesday, which was believed to be a racist attack.

In the clip, captured from an overhead CCTV camera, the woman can be seen sheltering from a downpour of rain under a pink and black umbrella.

She is oblivious to the danger she is about to be in as a hooded man dressed in black charges towards her from the side clutching a paving stone to his chest.

He runs at her and viciously slams the slab in her face.

At the last moment, his victim sees what is happening and dodges the blow to her face, though the slap catches her ear.

She manages to run a few steps away from her attacker towards a group of horrified bystanders.

Two men who were chatting by an advertising billboard outside a takeaway shop then see what is happening and come to her aid.

A shopkeeper ran out from his store following the terrifying attack, pulling his mobile phone out of his pocket once he realises what's taken place. 

The attacker is the seen to walk away, in an almost casual fashion, with his hands buried in his pockets.

The woman can then be seen holding one side of her face where the concrete slab appeared to have struck her.

The attack took place yesterday and is suspected to be a racist attack as woman was wearing a hijab - a modest head covering worn by Muslim women.

West Yorkshire Police said a 57-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of assault in connection with the incident.

A spokesperson said: "We can assure residents such incidents are treated extremely seriously."