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Francis Ngannou concerns fans with brief pad work in Tyson Fury workout

Francis Ngannou has concerned fans with what they believe is lacklustre pad work at his open workout ahead of Saturday night's fight with Tyson Fury.

The former UFC heavyweight champion will face lineal boxing champion Fury in Riyadh this weekend, and the pair were in attendance today for a light session at public workouts. Neither man gave too much away in their brief sessions on the pads with their coaches in what was little more than another chance for them to meet the press once more before fight night.

However, the brief snippets of Ngannou working out have been key for fans attempting to analyse his chances against Fury, given that he has never boxed before. He is believed to be the hardest puncher in the world, and knocked out countless top MMA fighters, but faces a new type of test in Fury.

And after he hit pads with his coach Dewey Cooper in the ring this evening, fans on Twitter were quick to take issue, with one asking "He's got to be trolling no? Like purposely looking that bad?" Another then added jokingly that he looked "like a UFC fighter trying boxing", while one joked that "I’ve seen milk turn quicker".

Others said that he was simply trying to "play it down", while one wrote: "I’m convinced he’s intentionally trying to look terrible… If this is what he’s bringing then Fury won’t get hit…" Others were not confident of his chances, with one comment reading "Even if Francis looks bad on purpose Fury will almost certainly win this fight. Francis won't bring anything new to Fury."

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However, other fans were more complimentary, with one writing that Ngannou "Looks good, sharp and strong. Should be a good exhibition between two giants." Others believed that he has a puncher's chance, writing "I don’t have him winning. But if he lands a clean shot on Tyson. Goodnight Irene."

Another added: "He’s a strong fighter that knows how to punch. Working the mitts does not equate to what he looks like when the fight is live and he has the ability to throw all out. His technique will not be perfect, but that’s a massive athlete that can really hit. Should be fun!"

One wrote: "Why do people feel that Francis Ngannou was going to show what he’s been learning during an open workout? Not saying he’s going to win but his greatest current weapon is the mystery of what he’s going to when in the ring with one of the best boxers in the world."