Great Britain
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October 26 - On this day: 40 years ago we reported the US-led invasion of Grenada

The Caribbean island was stormed by a combined force of US Marines and troops from six other neighbouring countries, who seized control of the airport in the capital St George’s.

The UN condemned the invasion as a violation of international law.

105 years ago (1918)

The supreme commander of the Imperial German Army, Quartermaster-general Erich Ludendorff, was dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II for refusing to cooperate in peace negotiations with the Allies.

After the war, Ludendorff went into politics and became a prominent nationalist leader, helping the Nazis rise to power.

67 years ago (1956)

Fighting in Hungary continued between pro-democracy supporters and the Soviet Union’s Red Army troops.

The country’s new Chairman of the Council of Ministers (de facto Prime Minister), Imre Nagy, promised free elections and withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact but Moscow quickly acted to thwart democracy.