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Who is Justine Reed? Patrick Reed’s wife and ex-caddie, and how many children does US Open star have?

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FORMER Masters champion Patrick Reed is getting back on the Major hype at the US Open.

And away from the greens wife Justine will be there to support him all the way.

Who is Justine Reed?

JUSTINE - nee Karain - married Patrick Reed on December 21, 2012. 

The couple met at Augusta State University after Patrick transfered from Georgia after his freshman year.

When Patrick turned pro in 2011, Justine had already earned two undergraduate degrees.

Before becoming Patrick's caddie Justine was a nurse and also was a swimmer and played football (soccer).

Justine was hospitalised in 2014 after having a seizure in the bath.
Doctors have stated that she was very lucky to survive and it was only because Patrick found her so quick that it was not more damaging.

How long was she Patrick's caddie?

JUSTINE served as Patrick's caddie for his first two years on the PGA tour. 

Speaking about it, Patrick admitted that he tested her before they both decided it was a good idea as she is only 5"1.

According to the Golf Channel, he put extra clothes and water bottles in his bag to see if she could handle the weight.

Justine gave up being his caddie after she fell pregnant with their first child but her brother Kessler Karain took over.

How many children do they have?

THE couple have two children - Windsor Wells and Barrett Benjamin. 

Windsor Wells, the couple's daughter was born in 2014.

Their son was born on December, 6 2017.

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