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Watch the incredible moment when the international match stops after PUPPY runs on the pitch ... but I just want to rub my belly

This is a great moment when the international soccer match was canceled after the puppy went on the pitch.

But the playful pouch just wanted to rub his stomach.

The hilarious scene took place during a friendship between Chilean and Venezuelan women.

The game stopped immediately as a four-legged friend jumped into the field as the score was drawn 0-0.

The dog first rushed to the goalkeeper and then playfully rolled over the scratch.

Then I asked the referee, who also treated it to some pets.

Next, one player tried to lift a dog that looked like a black Labrador retriever.

However, the clever dog rolled out of the way before charging the other side of the pitch.

The dog eventually became a bystander, and the crowd cheered and whistled with excitement.

And before the Chilean player successfully grabbed it, it turned over again for some pets.

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Then she takes her dog outdoors and becomes a steward I handed it over.

This is not the first mutt to break into the pitch this year.

In April, the final of the Brazilian State Championship was interrupted by apolice dog, who ran away with the ball in his mouth.

Shefield's February fight against Wigan had to be paused to deal with thecat intruder.

And in the same month, a Guatemalan player fled in horror because of thegiant snakeon the field.

However, there was a strange interruption last month in Australia.

At that time, a flock ofkangaroos rushed into thematch from both ends of the pitch, and players desperately searched for an escape route.