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Trouble Amnesty Plan "Protects IRA Terrorists Who Killed Hundreds of Soldiers"

Opponents say the government plans to protect a small number of veterans from prosecution and effectively pass amnesty to IRA terrorists who have killed hundreds of military personnel.

They sent a letter to all British parliamentarians, including Boris Johnson, detailing the number of members of their country killed by Republican terrorists in the midst of trouble. I will clarify the point. The

list includes victims of the Birmingham pub bombing and two children, Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball, who were killed in Warrington in 1993.

According to a new analysis by the Commons Library, plans for England, Scotland and Wales will be affected primarily by families of military personnel and women killed by the IRA.

Of the 567 victims identified as coming from the British mainland , 480 were members of the army.

The government is working on a plan of amnesty to keep the manifesto's promise to protect former soldiers from prosecutions during times of trouble


Previous attempts had to be abandoned after lawyers warned that the proceedings should also apply to IRA members. Instead, the minister announced a new "truth clause" plan last month.

Soldiers and terrorists will only be exempt from prosecution if they provide details of the crime.

Ministers argue that this move will help families discover more about what happened to their loved ones and provide healing opportunities for many in Northern Ireland. ..

However, the former Secretary of State of the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland is among the many senior Tories who are concerned about the plan. Julian Smith urged his own government to "pause" his proposal.

Effective amnesty also faced serious opposition in Northern Ireland. There, the family of the victims of trouble tells Johnson that the law is "an insult to all modern standards of common sense."

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood criticized the move

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Opponents The government has decided that terrorists will not stand up to court for crimes committed 40 years ago due to pressure from backbenchers.

According to a new analysis, one member of the Royal Artillery Regiment killed by the IRA was from Bournemouth, represented by Conor Burns, Minister of the Northern Ireland Office.

Dozens were from Greater London, where Boris Johnson currently holds seats in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

The analyzed Social Democratic and Labor Party leader, Colum Eastwood, said: The Irish government is incredible.

"Hurry to protect former soldiers, they closed the route to justice through inquests and civil lawsuits, protected paramilitary murderers, and lost loved ones." There was no serious discussion with the most affected people, "he said.

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Eastwood added: Our past heritage. This is not a way to treat the victim.

Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Kyle said: The victim was a member of the army.

"But this bill does not provide victims and their families, but increases the chances that unsolved murders will never be resolved and that the responsible person can walk freely." The law "will bring better results to all those most affected by the trouble, including victims and survivors. Many of them are veterans and theirs," said a spokesperson for. He is also a family member.

Of all those who were killed or seriously injured under the plan, he added, "I can know more about the situation and the person responsible."