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My EV ran out of power then started smoking while charging… I was terrified for my life – driving is a nightmare

A MAN has told about his nightmare ordeal when his EV ran out of power and it started smoking while it was charging, leaving him fearing for his life.

The YouTube star known as ‘The MacMaster’ took to the social media site to tell his followers about the worrying problems he faced.

In the footage, he explained that he had been driving his all-electric Porsche Taycan all the way from London to Edinburgh to do a blog about how the vehicle fared on a long journey.

He told his 123,000 subscribers: “Well, a few problems along the way because, first of all, this is half term, the end of the half term week, and it’s been an absolute nightmare.

“I’ve had to stay at a Holiday Inn overnight because the charge points; there were massive queues for about an hour or two to get up to the charge points and you had to pay over the two hours, so that was a nightmare.

He added: “I got to Darlington last night, I got to charge my car up at an Instavolt outside the McDonald’s and as I was charging it, I went back to the car to check it and there was smoke…”

The video then abruptly cuts and shows footage seemingly filmed earlier showing the smoke coming from his car.

He said: “There’s smoke coming from underneath my car… That’s slightly worrying.”

It then cuts back to the original footage with The MacMaster saying: “I was beginning to worry. It smelt like something was burning.”

He said he called Porsche and claimed he was told it was “normal”.

He added that Porsche had asked if there was any fire coming from it be he said there wasn’t.

The YouTuber said though that there had been smoke coming from the front wheel and he was asked to bring the car in.

They also asked if any errors had appeared on the controls but again he said there hadn’t been.

He also told Porsche the car was still driving okay and the smoke had stopped after about five or six minutes but added there was a noise coming from inside, a “vibration”.

The man said: “I thought ‘what’s going on here?’ It was a bit worrying. I was sat in the car and I thought I’m going to get out of the car.

“So I got out of the car and moved towards McDonald’s to get out of the way, thinking if it explodes or sets on fire, I don’t want to be in it.”

He continued: “Everything seems okay though, to be fair. There’s no errors registering on the car itself and I’ve checked everything and it all seems okay.

“Porsche presumably will do a diagnostic check, however, it does make me worry about these cars.

“You see all these stories about them setting on fire… It’s a bit of worry now.”

He added: “If you think these are the future, then think again, because electric cars, boy oh boy, there’s so many things wrong with them at the moment.

“As an owner of an electric car, it’s not the future.

“That thing last night had me worried for my life. I literally ran out of it and moved away from it.

One said: “As soon as you smell anything that points at fire; GET OUT. Once they start burning only specialist fire brigades can stop them, water doesn't work specially on the batteries, they explode.”

Another asked: “How much trust do you now have in the car? Second question how much range do you lose driving at night?”

A third wrote: “One day the will be a graveyard full of electric car's like most cars end up in a scrap yard when they are not fit for purpose anymore.”

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