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Mothers uphold the decision to take their children to the cinema after embarrassing their movie choices

Going to the cinema to see a new movie can be an exciting day for many adults and children alike.

But recently, after she tooktwo childrento the cinema, one mother remained smoked and selected a movie for which she bought a ticket. I was contacted by another woman who asked me about.

Shauna Hendery explained that she went to see theJurassic WorldDominion earlier this month with her two daughters, 8 and 9 years old. If accompanied by a responsible adult, 12 people can see it.

Movie classification allows parents or guardians to determine if a movie is suitable for their child. Shona and her husband went on a movie, they went on their movie trip.

She thought it was a good movie for them (stock photo) (


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However, in Shona from Australia, if the movie is rated Mature, parental discretion is recommended for children under the age of 15. Ticket, the woman behind her wondered if it was right for her to take her child to watch "such a violent movie". When writingon the

Kidspot blog, Shona says: , And she was very confident to share this opinion with me.

"[She said] After hearing our movie choices.

"I was standing there for a while and was shocked to say this, but then [said]" Thank you for your concern, this is our decision. , We're okay with that. ""

The mother claimed to shook her "dissatisfied" with her before the woman lined up, and the family went to the movie screen. Continued.

And she handled the situation gracefully, but she wondered if she made a mistake or if she was the "bad parent" of her decision in the movie He said he spent the entire length.

But when the light came on at the end of the movie, she noticed that most of the audience was children. Some of them were younger than their daughters, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

She added: "I quickly realized that the cinema was full of kids. In fact, many of the other kids were much younger than my kids, crying, screaming, shaking, and showing other signs. It didn't look like it was.

"I understand that [female] was probably trying to do what he thought was morally and ethically correct, but he did it. Wasn't her place, but she was the most in the end. It's a scary part of the whole Jurassic world experience. "

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