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Love Island's Jema is "aiming" at Danica, but her boss admits that the dancers are playing games.

Love Island star Gemma Owen "aims" at the bomb Danica Taylor after reuniting Luka Bish in a bag.

Dancer's boss, Laura Gilchrist, spoke openly about the 21-year-old dancer, implying that she was already spending time in her laid-out villa.

Laura, who runs Chica Bonita Entertainment, tells the Daily Star that she has tensions between dressage starsGemma, 19 and her companionDanica. He said he already felt it.

She said: "I think Jema is aiming for her [Danika] a bit.

" I think she's pretty moody and they're pretty modest. A cushion muttering corner that always describes it as hiding.

"So, even though she knew that Luka might not go with her, she seemed a little threatened. Feel, she doesn't admit it, but yeah, I feel something certain is happening there. "

Danica on FridayLove Island { I chose Luka, who caused enthusiasm at 20} and wasn't impressed as a reunion partner.

That night, the fish store decided to sleep in her spare bed instead of sharing it with Danica.

The next day Danika and Luka had a date, but he didn't want to drink the lump of tat, so he has only eyes. For a girl-Jema.

Fans then accusedof Danicaas "rude" when he tried to chat with the new bomb Charlie.

Still, by putting a cat between her pigeons, Danica's companions suggested that her behavior might have been meditated in advance.

After discussing her game plan ideas, she added to the same publication: She knows what she's doing because people need airtime to get to know her a little more.

Before she entered the villa , Danika warned.

"I don't see much competition. I'm a very confident girl. I know myself. I know what to bring to the table. . There's a great girl in the villa, but I'm regaining myself.

"There's definitely competition, but I'm worried I can't get angry. "

When asked how her friends and family would describe her, she said: }

"My friend probably says I'm a good friend, I won't hide from dramas and discussions."

She added: .. anything!

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