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After being denied a driver's license test, I was told that the scar did not match my ID, and I was in tears.

After being denied a driving test, the burn victim collapsed in a flood of tears-just because the scar did not match his ID.

Darren Harris,Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire,are allowed to sit on thetheoretical testbecause his photo no longer matches the scar on his face. Insisted not. Abnormal accident.

The 29-year-old became a "human fireball" in November 2021 when he suffered an electrocution of 11,000 volts at an abandoned steel mill.

He went "dead" for a few minutes, lost his nose and ears, and burned 47% of his body in hell, but thankfully he died. rice field.

Since his near-death experience, Darren has suffered horrific trauma and struggled to embrace his new appearance.

So Darren was reportedly devastated when the test center manager ordered him to take off his hat and confronted him about his identity.

He toldMiller: My problem is that you shouldn't change your appearance, you didn't change your ID. "

"I still agree with the new look, so I said I wasn't ready to change my ID yet, but he was really clumsy to me.

”I have received the highest level of discrimination.

He states:

Darren claimed that he had taken thetheoretical testtwice while wearing his hat, but had no problems. .. Accepting the manager's dissent

Former scaffolding said he tried to prove his identity with his old photo on his cell phone.

A stranger in the center also jumped in, but the manager was suspicious

Darren said: "There was another young man there who tried to help me, he told him. He was sitting on his test before, why do you reject him? "And the man said," because his face doesn't match his ID. " His accident.

Immediately after the electrocution, Darren was in a coma for 27 days and underwent a staggering 23surgeries.

Not only did his arm burn completely, he had to be treated for sepsis, multiple organ failure and undergo neurosurgery.

Darren has suffered deep emotional wounds since her physical recovery.

He is particularly suffering from his new appearance and scars, and has sometimes even fought suicidal ideation.

Therefore, his refusal in thedriving theory testwas a serious blow to the survivors.

A spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Bureau said:

"We always aim to treat all candidates with respect. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like to retest, please contact us. I will contact you. "