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Glastonbury Live: Kendrick Lamar concludes the festival with a Sunday slot on the pyramid stage

Diana Ross plays at Glastonbury

The final day at Glastonburybrings beautiful weather and great live music. Fans of

Paul McCartneymay still be upset by his stunning headlines set on Saturday night, but today (Sunday, June 26). ) Has a lot of crazy fans.

George Ezraappears on the stage of John Peel, perhaps the worst secret in Glastonbury history, and the legend of jazz fusion, Harvey Hencock, on the pyramid stage. Delighted the relaxed crowd. A great performer.

At 4 pm,Diana Rossappeared on Legend Slots and was supposed to be one of the biggest viewers I've ever seen at this teatime show. I drew. The Supremes icon has moved all show stoppers to "You Can't Hurry", "You Can't Hurry", "Chain Reaction", and "Upside Down". Unfortunately,some people have no choice but to complain (seriously) about her song, sourged many to come out to her defense.

Elbow, McFly, American Artist, Road, Pet Shop Boys,Kendrick Lamar still has a set

Follow the live update below Please:


If you missed it, this is what happened with George Ezra's secret set.

The rumors turned out to be true. This afternoon George Ezra surprised John Peel's tent.

As expected, it was a crowded event, but Mark Beaumont managed to get within the Gold Rush Kid's listening distance. This is what you missed.

There's nothing more obvious until it's important to book Joshua Tree on Avalon's stage. .. A set more secret than the Gold Rush Kid on the John Peel Stage


Diana Ross Review – Sunday Legend Slot

Soul singer Diana Ross fills the legendary slot of Sunday teatime on the pyramid stage during the Glastonbury Festival at Somerset's Worthy Farm. Photo date: Sunday, June 26, 2022.

(PA wire)

ReturningPaul McCartneyvoice, everything is allowed. In a spectacular weekend parade of hit makers in the 1960s, the pipes ofDiana Rossare definitely rusty. "There is a lot of power in our determination," she wisely tells us not only about the struggles to make the thank-you tour and the appearance of this legend slot, but also about the tension of her big glottis.

The Queen of Motown may appear in the "I'm Coming Out" fanfare from the wings of the Bubble Canal – she's directly from the dimension where the fascinating snowflakes live. People who seem to materialize – but sometimes she sounds like playing disco karaoke after spending four heavy nights at Shangri-La. In particular, the "chain reaction" is flatter than the landslide that hit Ian Brown's house.

The effect is a set that is a powerful support group of 100,000 people as much as a festive singing. Being in front of such a supernaturally famous and world-famous pop icon still has a magical Frisson. The masses of Glastonbury permanents cannot escape this without a fight. They help carry her first Supremes hits "Baby Love", "Stop". "You Can't Hurry" and "You Can't Hurry" are kicked out early, like the death wish of a legendary slot. They even failed when Ross tried to start the coder in time with the gentle soul ballad "I'm still waiting". The star and her song get all the love. Performance itself is a secondary concern.

In other words, it's hard to see your wallet at home until Ross commits the slot of the Legendary Cardinal and inserts her new albumThank you. "Tomorrow" is a lively disco dish, the title shows a great throwback into the soul of disco in the 70's, but the last thing we're here is to sell, no matter how sweet. The tropical modern pop of "If the world just danced" suggests that all our problems may be solved by a lively conga. Probably Down Club ExxonMobil.

From there, "I feel 47." Is in the middle of a wonderful "upside down", a front row guard performing a normal dance routine and her Dolly Parton. The country pop moment "Ease on Down the Road", frankly, stopped the retreat despite the terrible "love is a habit". Fall in love ". Songs such as" Ain't No Mountain High Enough "and" I Will Survive "are her popular shortpers, hit but not completely owned by Ross. It's a shame that I feel. "I Will Survive" has been taken over by "Billie Jean" and DJ Khaled's "All IDois Win". But now the crowd is singing for themselves. I am glad to have such a fascinating mastermind.


Saturday's highlights at Worthy Farm

This is us Lows-See last night's highlights. From Paul McCartney's very special guest to Olivia Rodrigo, who is working with Lily Allen in theRoe v. Wade case, "The Upheaval" doesn't completely cover it. Hmm.

Paul McCartney took Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl out with a spectacular surprise


Ready Cowboy Hat-Kacey Musgraves Time.

Country pop icon Kacey Musgraves has arrived on another stage.

Grammy Award Winner Kacey Musgraves poses at the 61st Grammy Awards Press Room at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA on February 10, 2019. Take.

((Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for the Recording Academy))


Aww – Elbow singer Geigervey sewed "Jack's Dad" on the back of the jacket

The elbow was set in the pyramid. The stage that pleases the fans. Yes, the music is great and everything, but no one else has seen Guy Garvey sew her son's name on the jacket.


The elbow transcends the pyramid stage

Geigervey is a gangster. Blumy's Wonderboy is Glastonbury's favorite and has enjoyed serenades at Worthy Farm many times. Garvey just took off his jacket (I think it's hot on the pyramid stage), but before that, he noticed that "Jack's Dad" was sewn on his back. Jack is the name of a young boy with actor Rachael Stirling.

As usual, Elbow brought big guns such as string sections, backing dancers and full bands. Garvey, closest to the talking bear, announces that Glastonbury is "the place where love was invented," especially in her affectionate mood.Then he lets everyone chant "love" before the slow-burning "kindling" rendition.

This will be good, young people.


Australian pub rock bands Amyl and Sniffers are tearing the John Peel stage

Australian rock bands Amyl and Sniffers showcase a brilliant and luxurious set of gold-clad frontwoman Amy Taylor on the John Peel stage.

She bounces off the stage and whiplashes the crowd while dancing with the guards.


Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar will debut in Glastonbury tonight.

Check out the 5-star review of the long-awaited albumMr. Morale&Big Steppers, which Kendrick Lamar debuted in Glastonbury tonight. Record prior to tonight's set below.

Rapper's first five-year album is an unforgettable and amazing meditation about paternity and family



George Ezra – John Peel Stage


"I asked them" Can't be completely secret. Can you talk to them at some point?George Ezraspeaks to a crowd of players who are stretching the length of the football field outside theJohn Peeltent.

Secret. There can be no more obvious secret set thanthan John Peel Stage's Gold Rush Kiduntil the Avalon Stage is a big deal by booking Joshua Tree. His official announcement a few hours ago was like a government press release declaring Brexit trash. As the only sunny lockdown bank holiday on Bournemouth Beach.

Ezra – An unpretentious, truly affectionate provider that offers the comfort of a vaguely soulful and tropical Radio 2 – nevertheless, the entire field, It makes you feel part of the beachside singing barbecue, both inside and outside. "Cassy O" is a hearty country pop jig, "Listen to the Man" is the softest reggae, and "Hold My Girl" is a stirring grower ballad. The sparkle of "Barcelona" sounds like Hartford's meat gently roasting in the Catalan sun. There is also a story about "Green Green Grass" that he came across a funeral party in Saint Lucia. As a result, Ezra is approaching the soft pop Judith Charmers.

The long-awaited party really started in "paradise", the crowd slowly grooved the last third and enjoyed the steel drum carnival that took place during "Blameiton Me". I'm out. Less horny Mumford&Sons – and probably breaks the mass yodeling record in “Budapest”.

A "shotgun" dedicated to those who "did not receive notes" about Ezra's appearance under the rocks of Mars, cheerfully towards Diana Ross's feelings. Drifting , Like someone.


Diana Ross fans say she's "off-key" at Glastonbury Defend the singer after viewers complain set

Soul singer is at Worthy Farm A lot of people gathered in the legend slot