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England vs New Zealand Live: Cricket scores and updates from the third test with both Alex Lees and Zak Crawley

Kane Williamson previews England-New Zealand's third test

EnglandandNew ZealandSet up yet another test Grand stand finish after the third day of seesawNew Zealand 137 came forward and picked up five wickets overnight

The series was much more appealing due to the swaying momentum of the two offensive teams, and this headingley test follows the pattern of the game at Rosebridge and Trentbridge, both taking turns. New Zealand controls Saturday as Kane Williamson approaches the measured half-century before Matthew Potts, Joe Root and Jack Ruetsch each pick up the ticket gates in the evening session to control the host. It looked like it was.

If England can chase New Zealand's total in 4 innings, it will complete the 3-0 series Whitewash and the perfect start to the new regime of captainBen Stokesand head coach. Cut off. Brendon McCullum

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England 56-2 (Pope 15 *, Route 1 *) Target 296

Joe Root is number 4 and he is on his feet Take an early single with nudge. The Pope will follow it through the cover with a nice drive ofFOUR.

The difference from Crawley's dismissal is that the ball is full enough and the Pope has driven it correctly.

5 It was off, but Crawley rejected it.


OUT. Crawley c Williamson b Bracewell 25. England 51-2

Oh. ZakCrawley isOUT. It's a drive for him, but this time it's not for the spinner, but for the spinner's bracewell.

The ball isn't there to drive, and he loops it, where Kane Williamson puts himself just to catch the cover You can jump forward from. Crawley quickly fell into a trap when the ball was thrown up. England 51-2.


England 51-1 (Crawley 25 *, Pope 11 *) Target 296

The Pope leaned against the ball and shot a nice shot while hitting the cover for4. It's already50UPin the UK. Headingley is certainly not a slow scoring place.

A big attraction from Saudi when the ball hits the Pope's pad, but it's always flowing down and his teammates aren't really involved .. Richard Kettleborough is not interested.


England 47-1 (Crawley 25 *, Pope 7 *) Target 296

After turning off the last over 20, the vault is removed from the attack and Michael Bracewell appears. A little spin-Jack Reacher took 10 fur in the match, so there's something on the pitch.

Single off the first two balls before Crawley goes down one or two steps on the pitch, but the balls turn into midriffs. That is the right area for Bracewell.

He hit his pad after a large sweep from Crawley was attempted, but it was a stuffy appeal because it was well outside the line. The final delivery will be shipped toFOUR, but he will slog sweep past the mid wickets and most of the way along the ground, which will hit the fence. Nice shot despite Bracewell's optimistic "catch it" cry.


England 41-1 (Crawley 20 *, Pope 6 *) Target 296

The Pope flicked one leg twice and finally unmarked it on the twelfth delivery. And from the last ball of Saudi, the Pope joins the Border Party and pumps straight up the ground for theFOUR.

If you go straight from Saudi and the Pope to his pad, it will be used.


England 35-1 (Crawley 20 *, Pope 0 *) Target 296

Much better than Crawley. The vault shortens it, and Crawley pulls his forefootFOUR apart. It's the opener's bread and butter, the vault knows he should throw the ball.

For men in Kent,4more. He throws his hand on the outside of one side. It moves away from the toes of the bat, in the air, over the infield, and through the cover. Not exactly conventional or convincing, but he has two numbers.

That's good, but it goes straight on the ground and anotherfourpass through the middle. Not the perfect length from the vault, but punished. Crawley wants this to be done by the end of play.

After having a good vacation, he drives the cover ofFOUR again. It's 16 off and Crawley is now 20. He's trying to trample his path to return to self-confidence and shape-to be honest, it's not the worst idea. The boundaries between these last two looked good as well.


England 19-1 (Crawley 4 *, Pope 0 *) Target 296

The appeal from Saudi of the first ball of the overis really only him in search of it. It's the inner edge of Crawley's pad, so it doesn't do anything.

New Zealand is already trying to exchange the ball for a few overs, but it still passes through the umpire's small holed gizmo, so there are no dice yet.

The slow defense stroke from Crawley is pretty unconvincing, and Jafar from Saudislices the gate, but somehow crosses over the stump. The keeper can't handle it, goodbye. It's hard to see Crawley survive much longer.


England 18-1 (Crawley 4 *, Pope 0 *) Target 296

There was a dangerous shot from the Pope as the Pope tried to drive but did not move and missed the delivery outside the vault.

With good bowling from the opening round in New Zealand, Vault completes the maiden.


England 18-1 (Crawley 4 *, Pope 0 *) Target 296

Communication is very poor and running between the ticket gates from the opening round in England. I completely ruined it.

FIGURE Pope comes in at 3 o'clock and runs a leg-by from Saudi's second ball. Yes, can Crawley take it out of his head and make innings?

He has the edge of his pad inside, but the rest survives.


OUT. Lee runs out (Williamson / Vault) 9. England 17-1

When Crawley departs for a run that is never there, almost confused from the first ball in the vault, Leesends him back to, As the ball flies from the mid-wicket past the stump, he jumps into the ground. The direct hit would have been close.

Crawley was then forced to jam down the bat late with an inswing ball. He intended to leave it at first. It's half appealing when the ball hits his foot, but it's too high and probably too straight.

No.Lees isOUT. Crawley tried to get rid of the last ball, but it was a decent connection and well protected by Kane Williamson. Confused with Ran, Lee sent back at the end of the non-striker, but the ball beat him and Vault gathered the bail and whiplashed. Will disappear. British disaster