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After the deaths of his dad and brother, the council expelled the devastated man from his family's home.

The grief-stricken councilhometenant, who lost his father and brother, is now on the verge of losing his lifelong home.

Darren Evans, 51, fears thatmental healthwill deteriorate if he has to leaveCardiffat home.

Until recently, Darren shared a semi-detached three-bedroom property with his brother and father (both named David). Darren's brother died suddenly at the age of 53 in July 2021 and his father at the age of 77 in November.

Shortly thereafter, the Cardiff Council informed Darren that the house was too big to meet his needs. Welsh Online reports that it will be recontained in a one-bedroom property.

Darren has a serious learning disability and is unable to read or write. He has been the only renter of his house since the loss of his father and brother, but his family is staying with him to ensure he receives the support he needs. One bedroom house, his niece Amy Lesauteur said.

With the deaths of the two, Darren was crippled by both anxiety and depression. "I always feel suicide and I'm depressed. If I have to move, I won't be able to continue," he said.

His parents moved home 55 years ago and registered a renter in the name of his mother Barbara. Shortly before her death in 1994, Elder David took over the renter. The rules allow only one inheritance per tenant, and the Wales government passed a law in 2016 that could allow two inheritances, a change that will take effect until December this year. plug.

Darren Evans
Darren Evans

The Cardiff Council told Wales Online that even if the law has already been enforced, if the house is too large for the needs of the tenant, it can apply for eviction of the peasant.

Amy, 29, said: .. It had a big impact on all of us. My moody David suffered from COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], which worsened when my uncle died. He didn't want to drink oxygen, so he seemed to give up. ..

"Darren received a letter from the council in early January of this year. They are very bad for us. A home caretaker came out and said," You keep your house. I haven't, it's as easy as that. "

"She initially said she would be given a two-bedroom home with a drive. Then last week, she got a call saying there was" good news. " He was offered a one bedroom flat. Spinny Close, one of Ellie's worst real estate. There is a big drug problem. He was told, "You need to see it on Monday, otherwise no property will be offered." So he went there and waited for an hour and a half outside the front door, but no one appeared. Since then, he hasn't been contacted or explained by the homeowner, "he said.

Darren Evans may lose his home
Darren Evans may lose his home

The council believes there was a misunderstanding about the appointment. The spokeswoman told Wales Online that the property wasn't ready and the viewing wasn't available yet.

Amy, who organized thepetitionwith 158 signatures against the eviction of peasants, continued: At the local community hub, the council said Darren had the discretion to keep the house for mental health, but the homeowner said no. Not knowing what will happen is very stressful.

"Darren's neighbor lives here as long as he is. They are like a family, cook for him and take care of him. He is like that. They need help. They wrote to Congress a letter that wrote most of his life. "

In recent months, Wales Online has spoken to some people in Wales and loved ones. He said he had to leave the house, saddening his death. As a rule, tenant inheritance is only allowed once. The Wales government's 2016 law could allow two inheritances per tenant, postponed until this summer "mainly because of a pandemic" and then again until December of this year.

A spokesperson for the council said: The demand for family-friendly accommodation throughout the city is so high that Evans is rated as needing a one-bedroom property, so the three-bedroom home he currently lives in meets his needs. It's too big.

"A one-bedroom property was offered to Erie, an area close to Mr. Evans' support network, but the property is currently under construction and will not be visible until August. Larger. We will consider further evidence that Mr. Evans would like to provide to support the need for accommodation. He has inheritance rights, but the demand for larger family homes is so high that with this change the council will be able to move to suitable and smaller accommodations with tenants living in large properties. You can cooperate. This applies to cases after December 2022. "

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