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CNN's Christi Paul holds back tears during an emotional farewell as she reveals the family's broken heart behind her decision to quit.

CNN's Christi Paul finally signed off on Sunday after nearly 20 years of career at the broadcaster.

According to the company, Christie has been the "center" of her anchored weekend show, New Day Weekend, since January 2014.

In thegoodbye videocreated by CNN, Christie is Orlando, Hurricane Harvey, COVID 19.

Christie played her role as "a hopeful voice in difficult times, always looking to the future and never missing an opportunity to laugh."

In her final show, Christie explained her heartbreaking, but important decision to leave the show in Atlanta.

"I'm part of a great resignation. As some of you may know, in 2020 my husband was enthusiastic. For about three and a half weeks, the moments were really terrible. There was. When I thought I would be a single mother.

"Like many, I didn't see my parents for a year. At some point, my husband and I looked at each other. Then we just thought,'What are we doing? We have to go home.'

"I'm back in Ohio. I'll be on the air. It will be announced later this week.

" I love these people. I love this place. I appreciate it very much. And I'm very tired, "she confessed.

"To be honest, our work is important ... but at the end of the day someone sits in this seat, I leave and the show continues as planned.

Christie became emotional at this point: "But no one else will be the mother of my child, and no one else will be the wife of my husband or the child of my parent. No. I need to be there entirely.

Christie found her "television husband" at co-host Victor Blackwell for nine years.

In a video tribute, Victor said, "I'm really happy with you. I'm a little sad for the rest of us. I miss you on weekend mornings.

"You are not just a journalist or anchor. You brought compassion and warmth to the show. You were the conscience of the show.

" And personally, your friendship, fun I want to thank you for the time, so much fun ... Listen, we still have a FaceTime date, breakfast exchange party.

"After eight and a half years, all the shows are over Thank you for all the good memories. "

I followed what Christie's current Boris Sanchez co-organizer, Victor, said.

"We know this is a very competitive area, so we rarely find someone as kind, generous and compassionate as you in this position.

"You kept this warmth about you when you come across a viewer, and it helps us a lot because it's not easy to cover what we're covering.

"And you" overcame in your personal life, it provides so much compassion and empathy, it flows into our press and we will miss you very much.

Christie was open with her fans and shared the most difficult things in her book "Love Doesn't Hurt" as part of her life.

She opened her heart to her past abusive relationships and to her feeling that she "has no right to leave." "

Christie noticed this problem and wanted to end the cycle.

At the end of today's show, Christie said," This is the vehicle of my life. I told the audience, "Make good memories, that is!"