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Beauty pro shares the correct way to wash hair, and why you need to use a heat protectant even when not styling

A PROFESSIONAL hairdresser has revealed the right way of washing your locks - and the aftercare is just as essential.

Washing your hair might sound like a relatively simple task, one we've mastered over the years. But as one whizz, who works at The Hair Shed, recently revealed, there are a few things to keep in mind when showering.

Taking to Instagram, the pro, from Sussex, revealed the way you wash your hair can either nourish it - or make it dry.

The first key step, the expert said in the video, was going over your locks with a brush before hopping in the shower.

''If you wet knotty hair and then shampoo it, you will have a nest on your hands," she said.

Just as crucial was shampooing it more than once - ideally, unless you're running low on your haircare products, beauty fans should be doing this step twice.

The hair guru explained: ''Use two shampoos. One shampoo isn’t really enough to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair, and don’t forget the crown, nape and behind the ears - the whole scalp area needs to be thoroughly cleansed.''

The Sussex-based expert also advised to only run shampoo through the ends if it is to remove products, colour, chlorine and sea water after a swim on your holiday.

When it comes to nourishing and softening your hair with conditioner, the whizz urged to comb the product through properly.

''Without doing this step, then you only really condition 50 per cent of the hair," she added.

''The conditioner can only do it’s job if it glides through each strand,'' they emphasised.

In terms of using other haircare essentials, the beauty expert also advised to stick to another must-have - heat protectant, which should be applied right after getting out of the shower.


''[Heat] protection is so so important and not a step to be missed," she explained.

''Even if you dont intend on using heat, it still protects your hair against the heat from the sun or central heating [sic].

''It’s like moisturiser for your skin, must be applied every time! Look for a heat protection that also has UV protection if you are out in the sun a lot.''

One person swore by the shampooing-twice method, writing: ''I shampoo twice and it actually saves me so much shampoo.

''I just use the smallest amount both times on my ridiculously thick hair, and it lathers so well the second time.''

Someone else, meanwhile, reckoned: ''You definitely need to shampoo the ends every time… the amount of disgusting stuff that can live on the ends of your hair just from using a public restroom alone needs to be cleansed out of the hair.''

''Love this but I stray from brushing my hair when wet. Gives me lots of split ends,'' another chimed in.

''My curls say no to a lot of those tips,'' a fourth penned.