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You’ve been cleaning your floors wrong – the right way means you won’t have to scrub the grout between tiles

IF YOUR tiled floors are looking a bit grimy, a cleaning and organization expert thinks she can help you. 

She said using one product will make your grout look clean again – and you won’t even have to scrub. 

“I accidentally spilled this degreaser on my floor and discovered that it cleans my grout without even scrubbing,” TikToker Azure MacCannell said in a video she shared with her nearly 600,000 followers.

Along with a video showing her cleaning tip in action, she instructed people to simply pour the degreaser on the floor, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it away with a mop. 

The degreaser is by Healthier Home and is safe for a household with pets and small children, which is why Azure likes using it. 

While Azure said her bottle instructed her to use just the degreaser on her grout, she mentioned that you do need to dilute it for other cleaning purposes. 

Many of her followers were excited to use her tip, with one declaring that she won the cleaning side of TikTok.

An additional user suggested using OxiClean to clean grout. 

If you have a lot of grout to clean, another TikToker wants to make sure you use the best mopping technique possible.

The woman, named Tanya, revealed that she places a small garbage bin into her standard mop bucket.

She adds water to the mop bucket, and a mixture of detergent and boiling water to the smaller trash can inside. 

She then rings the mop out into the mop bucket, but dips it back into the clean mixture of soap and water.

“This way you’re only using clean water to mop your floors,” Tanya noted.

“This method is a much better alternative as you are not dipping in the dirty water … you are dipping in clean water each time you mop.”

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