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WWE star Buddy Murphy broke down in tears after hero Edge retired… but loved his Royal Rumble return


WWE star Buddy Murphy broke down in tears after his hero Edge retired - but loved the Rated R Superstar’s Royal Rumble return.

Edge retired from the ring in 2011 after needing surgery on his neck.

But the 46-year-old made a shock entry in this year’s Rumble coming in at No21 and going on to make the final three.

Murphy was just 20-years-old when the ex-WWE champion retired - but was left stunned when he returned.

He said: “I remember when he retired on television, I was a fan back then. I remembered bawling my eyes out just because of how tragic and unexpected it was.

“But I’m not gonna lie, I did enjoy coming out at number 30, pulling him out and kneeing him in the face. There was a childhood dream, so to speak, accomplished at that moment.”

Murphy accompanied Seth Rollins as the ex-champ entered at No30.

But the AOP member could do nothing to stop Rollins from being tossed over the top rope by eventual winner Drew McIntyre.

And despite an unsuccessful Rumble, Murphy said: “It was awesome, anytime you can be in a building with 40,000 people is always good – especially when they’re either booing or cheering you.

“To be stood besides AOP and Seth is always awesome, to come out at number 30 is even better.

“Even though I wasn’t in the Rumble, we came out at number 30 and changed the landscape of that Rumble at the end.

“Unfortunately it didn’t go our way, but to be able to go out there and make our mark in front of that many people – and of course insert ourselves into a Rumble with the Edges and Randy Ortons, Drew McIntyres, that’s pretty awesome.”

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