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Would you wear this plastic tent on a plane to avoid coronavirus?

PASSENGERS travelling on a plane who are nervous about the spread of coronavirus can now wear a large plastic tent in their seat.

Originally designed for people to wear while watching football matches, the tent is being advertised as a way to avoid catching the virus.

Under The Weather Pods were invented in 2010 by Cincinnati-based Rick Pescovitz for parents and families who wanted to watch sports games without getting wet.

One of the designs, called StadiumPod, is designed to fit over the torso and be worn while sitting down as the plastic tarp stops the wearer from being rained on.

The design has since been marketed for passengers to wear while sitting on a flight to avoid catching coronavirus, which has killed over 400 people and spread across more than 20 countries.

CEO Rick tried it for himself while travelling, according to his brother David.

He wrote: "My brother thought to see how his StadiumPod, meant for seated spectators at sports games, would work on an airplane.

"He tells me the flight attendant happily took his photo and that the man who sat next to him didn't even bat an eye. Stay safe out there!"

In the image, Rick is seen in his seat with the blue plastic tent over the top of him.

Opinion on using the device was conflicted, with some asking if it would even work.

One man added: "Not for use in exit rows."

Others said they would use it even if they weren't worried about the threat of coronavirus, instead for "maintaining personal space".

Coronavirus was first reported on December 31 last year and has since killed 427 people.

More than 20,000 have contracted the virus with reports of cases in 24 countries, including the UK, US and Australia.

Virus expert explains how to protect yourself against deadly coronavirus

Pharmacies in the UK are running out of face masks often worn by travellers due to the high demand.

Passengers have been spotted wearing plastic bottles and even bike helmets due to coronavirus fears.

People in the US are scared they could catch coronavirus from Amazon packages being shipped from China.

Sun Online Travel contacted a number of airlines in the UK for comment.

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