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World’s bitterest divorce as businessman claims he BURNT $1 million to stop ex getting it

A BITTER businessman who burned $1 million in cash to stop his ex-wife from getting her hands on it has been jailed for 30 days, according to reports.

Bruce McConville, 55, said he burned $743,000 on September 23 and $296,000 on December 15 in two separate bonfires, as well as selling his assets.

The Canadian man refused to adhere to an affidavit to say where the money went - preventing the court from establishing what he owed in child and spousal support.

He was also ordered not to sell his assets - but McConville even sold some to his accountant, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

His rash actions came to light during a contempt motion last week when McConville was quizzed by Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips.

He admitted to taking out a whopping $1,050,000 via 25 withdrawals at six different banks - but McConville didn't have the cash.

When pressed by the judge, McConville simply said: "I destroyed it," before confessing he "burnt it."

“In total, about a million and thirty-nine thousand dollars,” said McConville, who actually incinerated $1,050,000.

When McConville said he got rid of the cash in bonfires nobody saw or was aware of, Phillips said it was "hard to believe."

The plaintiff responded: “I am not a person that is extremely materialistic. A little goes a long way.

"I have always been frugal. That’s why my business lasted for 31 years," the businessman said - but the judge didn't believe him.

The bonfire starter was sentenced to 30 days behind bars for thwarting the court, Phillips ruled.

The no-nonsense judge also informed McConville if he defied court orders again 30 days would seem like "a walk in the park."

Phillips said: “You are making a mockery of this court, and its process, something I will not allow.

“I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible because what you claim to have done wilfully and directly undermines the interests of your children."

After his stint in jail, frugal McConville will face financial penalties if he doesn't comply with court orders to supply an honest account of his finances.

Phillips ordered him to give his ex-wife $2,000 per day which amounted to $14,000 per week as a result of his bonfire bonanza.

The judge emphasized this weighty fine is separate from McConville's monetary support to his ex and their children.

"It may well be, therefore, that your remaining assets, equity in the home and RRSPs, etc., end up entirely in the hands of (ex-wife)," Phillips said.

He warned McConville to pay the $,2000 per day or risk losing everything while his ex-wife's legal team rubbished his bonfire claims.

Her representatives told the court the failed mayoral candidate claimed to have no income yet had $9,000 in monthly expenses.

McConville previously ran for the position of Mayor of Ottawa in 2018 but wasn't successful.

He addressed "fiscal responsibility" during his campaign, saying there are "too many demands on our budget and not enough money to satisfy everyone and everything."

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