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Woman suffers brutal allergic reaction after getting her eyebrows laminated and a week in it’s only getting WORSE

A WOMAN has urged people to always get a patch test after she shared the disastrous results of her eyebrow lamination - which progressively got worse. 

The beauty treatment is rising in popularity, and involves perming the hairs using a chemical solution, with the outcome lasting around six weeks. 

After booking in for a treatment to get her brows laminated, one woman shared snaps of her eyebrows every day - as she developed a brutal allergic reaction. 

Right after the treatment her brows are perfectly arched, but as the week goes on they become red, crusty and her face begins to swell up. 

By day eight one of her eyes is permanently closed, and she can only open the other one a sliver. 

She ended up in hospital for treatment, as she urged women to always get a patch test, and ensure the beautician was qualified. 

She shared the clip to TikTok saying: “Make sure to get a patch test at least 24 hours before and ensure the beautician has all qualifications.

“My journey so far currently 8 days since my eyebrow lamination.”

She asked people to share the video to ‘spread awareness’, with more than three million people watching the clip so far. 

Thousands have commented as well, as they wished her a speedy recovery while assuring they would get their patch tests.

One person said: "I have a lamination appointment tomorrow and now I'm terrified."

Another wrote: "Thank you for sharing as a beautician so many people moan about having to come in for a patch test but it's so important."

A third commented: "Hell girl I've never seen anything like this! Brows are my fave service to do. I don't even know what to say."

While this person added: "That's so sad, I hope you can get better with time."

And someone else thought: "They look so good tbh it's a shame what's happened. I hope you're okay soon."

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