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Woman shows off her sister’s disgusting bedroom with dozens of bottles of WEE all over the floor

WE'VE all had days where we've left dirty plates scattered round the place and jumped straight into bed without putting clothes in the laundry basket. It happens.

But weeing in a bottle and leaving it on the floor because we can't be bothered to nip to the loo? Well, that's something we can safely say we've NEVER done before.

Unfortunately for one woman, this was the kind of mess she had to clean up when moving into her sister's old bedroom.

TikTok user Colleen Cameron documented the epic clean-up job on her page - and was horrified by the number of bottles which she claims were filmed with her sister's boyfriend's urine. *Shivers*

The American student explained: "When I left for college, my sister took over my bedroom and left me with her gross one in the bedroom.

"So here I am cleaning it and turning it into mine!"

Not only are there bottles lurking in an old plastic bag in the middle of the floor, Colleen discovered dozens strewn under the bed and lined up in the corner.

And just like that, the piles of dirty laundry and mouldy food suddenly didn't seem so bad.

In total, it took Colleen four hours to clean the room from top-to-bottom.

After deep-cleaning the carpet and wiping down the filthy chest of drawers and bedside table, the teen also filled five bin bags of junk.

Needless to say, other TikTok users were stunned by the state of Colleen's sister's bedroom - and inundated her with messages about the "pee bottles".

In a separate video, Colleen said she didn't know why he did it and assumed it was because he couldn't be bothered to get up and go to the loo.

She wrote: "Why? Not sure - guess he was lazy which yes I know is disgusting. Also not sure why it wasn't cleaned up beforehand but here I am."

One user replied: "Why would she date someone that pees in bottles!!?? The savagery."

Another joked: "'I'm so petty that I would have bagged all that up and dumped it in my sister's room, you are a better person than I am..."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "This is horrifying! I couldn't finish watching."

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