A seven-year-old girl brutally murdered in a crime that has shocked Mexico was allegedly kidnapped by a mum to stop her husband abusing their children.

In a crime that shocked the country, Mario Alberto Reyes Najera and Gladis Giovana Cruz Hernandez were arrested after the body of seven-year-old Fatima Anton was found wrapped inside a rubbish bag in a wheelie bin in Tlahuac, Mexico City.

She was found four days after going missing on February 11 while waiting for her mum to collect her from school.

Harrowing CCTV footage shows a  female suspect walking along the street with the young girl.

It has now been alleged that Hernandez led the girl away because Najera, her husband, had threatened to abuse their own children.

An image shows Fatima being led down an alley with the suspect

The Mexican Attorney General's Office (FGJ) has revealed that the suspects' three children - two girls and a boy, who have not been named - show signs of abandonment and being sexually assaulted.

The minors have now been taken into custody of the FGJ.

According to reports, Najera’s aunt, Irma Reyes, turned her nephew into the police after Hernandez told her he had asked for a minor to be brought to him as a "girlfriend".

Gladis Hernandez
Mario Najera

She told authorities the couple was hiding in a house belonging to Najera’s deceased father in the municipality of Isidro Fabela.

"They cannot get away with it, I do not want them (local authorities) to give me money, I just want justice," Reyes said.

Hernandez's mother, Marcelina Cruz Hernandez, is understood to have started legal action to a legal battle to obtain custody over her grandchildren.

Her lawyer, Angelina Urbina, has told local media their mother had been ignored after reporting domestic violence.

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Mexico City government head Claudia Sheinbaum said: "They are children in vulnerable conditions and we are going to pay attention to them so the family can have the support they need."

The shocking murder has sparked anger about the scale of violence against women and girls in Mexico, with the hashtag #JuticiaParaFatima being used widely on social media.

Investigations continue.