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Woman filmed naked in hotel room with no memory how she got there finally gets justice as perv admits making sick video

A MUM who was filmed naked in a hotel room with no memory of how she got there has finally got justice after a pervert admitted making the sick video.

Emily Hunt was 36 when she woke up in a five-star London hotel next to a stranger who was chillingly laughing next to her in the bed.

She had no idea how she got to the £300-a-night hotel and her last recollection was enjoying a pleasant lunch with her dad five hours earlier.

Emily, who was a strategy consultant and the time, was convinced something had happened to her which she had not consented to.

She launched her own legal campaign to prove something happened after the Crown Prosecution Service did not take on her case.

Feeling frustrated, she said: “I was just another woman who had got drunk and found herself in bed with a man and who then woke up afterwards regretting it.”

Her failed attempts to be heard resulted in her trying to take her own life in the same hotel where it happened.


She told the Mail on Sunday: “I went back to the hotel where it all happened and I tried to kill myself. I felt discounted. I felt like the CPS did not care about me.”

But after five long years, Emily, who has a 10-year-old daughter, has finally received justice.

For the first time, the man she ended up in bed with can be named as 40-year-old Christopher Killick, reports the Mail on Sunday.

Killick, from Brent, North West London, admitted voyeurism at Thames Magistrates Court and now faces up to 26 weeks in jail.

He admitted filming Emily when she was naked on the hotel bed and made a 62-second video.

Emily said it was an “important victory” after she bravely waived her right to anonymity to support female victims of sexual assaults and show how they are not treated seriously.  

I went back to the hotel where it all happened and I tried to kill myself. I felt discounted. I felt like the CPS did not care about me."

Emily Hunt

Emily, who is originally from New York, said it's "an amazing moment" and it has shown the CPS they need to prosecute more cases like this.

Her struggle for justice can now be revealed and piles more pressure on the CPS, which has been criticised for unsympathetic treatment of sexual assault victims.

A year after the hotel incident, cops told Emily the man had filmed her while she was naked.

She said Killick told officers he planned to use the sick clip to "satisfy himself" and that he knew he didn't have her permission to film her.

Emily added: "This was a whole new layer of violation. I’m incredibly private and have never allowed anyone to take and have a video of me naked."

She then filed a separate police report hoping he would be arrested for voyeurism, but the CPS did not charge him.

This was a whole new layer of violation. I’m incredibly private and have never allowed anyone to take and have a video of me naked."

Emily Hunt

Emily was then backed by the Centre for Women’s Justice and together they fought for a judicial review for the case.

Their argument led to a landmark ruling that non-consensual intimate filming was illegal and Killick was arrested in May.

Describing the hotel incident, she said: “I was naked, curled up and cold. I was still out of it..

“It’s like I’d been picked up and dropped next to this guy on the bed. I had never seen him before in my life."

During the meal with her dad earlier that day, she enjoyed glasses of wine and grappa but she was convinced she had been drugged and raped.

Emily woke up in a daze, stumbled into the bathroom and texted a friend who called the police.


She then fell into the arms of a police officer and started having a panic attack.

Cops called an ambulance because officers believed she was having a heart attack in what Emily described as being a "terrifying" ordeal.

A sober Killick was then arrested and his bag was found to contain condoms, Viagara and what was believed to be LSD.

According to the newspaper, Killick is understood to have told cops the pair met in a bar and had consensual sex.

Cops refused to carry out an internal examination on Emily unfit five days later after claiming she was “too intoxicated” to consent to it.

Results showed she had not been drugged with date-rape drug GBH, however re-run results have since come back as “inconclusive”.

Emily attended the court hearing and finally admits she can “get a job, a boyfriend and restart my life again”.

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