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Wolves star Adama Traore slaps BABY OIL on his arms so defenders can’t grab him when he runs past them

ADAMA TRAORE is feared across Europe for his blistering pace.

However, Olympiacos defenders beware - the speedy Spaniard literally is greased lightning these days after Wolves tweaked his pre-match preparations.

The 24-year-old winger, already one of the slipperiest customers in the Premier League, is now even harder to get to grips with.

Wolves medics came up with a cunning new ploy to protect their star forward.

They smother his arms in baby oil before games!

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Wolves backroom staff plastering Traore’s muscular arms with the slippery stuff before and during breaks in last week’s 3-0 home win over Crystal Palace.

It’s their smart solution to prevent beaten defenders tugging at Traore’s arms when he goes past him to try and slow him down.

The underhand tactic was playing havoc with the winger’s troublesome shoulder which he dislocated at home to Spurs in December.

“Defenders are so worried about him getting away from them with his pace they were reaching out and tugging at his arm.

Wolves insider on Adama Traore

Since then it’s popped out a further four times, most recently against Sheffield United earlier this month.

Traore has been bravely soldiering on with the help of a bespoke brace which Wolves had specially made to help protect their burly forward - now they have come up with their oily solution.

“It’s something we’ve had to do to protect Adama,” a Wolves insider confirmed.

“Defenders are so worried about him getting away from them with his pace they were reaching out and tugging at his arm.

“That was causing the shoulder to pop out during games.

"Lubricating his arms makes it harder for opponents to grab him and helps prevent further damage.”

Wolves star Adama Traore shows off incredible ripped physique as he works out at home

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