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Who is Max Clifford’s ex-wife Jo Westwood?

MAX Clifford gained renown as a celebrity PR and publicist to some of the biggest names in news and showbiz - but was found to be a sexual predator.

But who is Max Clifford's ex-wife Jo Westwood?

Who is Max Clifford's ex-wife Jo Westwood?

Jo Westwood, 58, was Max Clifford's former personal assistant, who he married in 2010.

But she divorced Max Clifford 18 days after he was jailed in 2014.

Max Clifford boasted he had never been faithful to his first wife Liz for longer than three weeks, his biographer has revealed.

Clifford bragged of orgies with celebrities and young women where he acted as 'ringmaster', biographer Angela Levin told a new documentary about his life.

The journalist gave documentary-makers some 100 hours of previously unheard interviews with Clifford, which she taped in 2004 before he was arrested and later jailed for sexual abuse of women and girls as young as 15.

How long were Max Clifford and Jo Westwood married?

The couple married in 2010.

But they divorced just four years later after Clifford was convicted and sent to prison.

When did they get divorced?

Jo Westwood was granted a decree nisi in 2014, subsequently ending her four year marriage to Clifford.

Did they have children together?

No, the couple did not have children together.

But Max Clifford has one daughter, Louise.

What has she said about Max Clifford?

At the time of the divorce, a source close to the family told the Daily Mail: “The divorce was nothing to do with the court case. The fault lines were there long before and the separation has been amicable.”

She also said back in 2014 that on their honeymoon, she caught him having phone sex with someone else.

She told ITV’s This Morning today: "We were on a beach and Max said he had to go back to the room.

"He was gone a very long time and I became suspicious so went back too.

"He was on the phone having a phone call of an explicit nature. He denied it but I said I could tell him what he said word for word. He then said it was a game."

Max Clifford immediately admits he cheated on his wife during interview in Max Clifford: Fall of a Tabloid King

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