Cold-blooded killer Jane Andrews murdered her boyfriend after he refused to marry her.

Sarah Ferguson's former royal dresser battered sleeping Tom Cressman with a cricket bat before stabbing him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

After the horrific attack, Andrews vanished for four days before eventually being found in a "distressed" state in her car.

While Andrews was on the run, Fergie left two voicemail messages pleading with her former dresser to hand herself into the authorities.

Despite her claims of domestic abuse, it took a jury just 12 hours to convict Andrews of Tom’s murder in 2001 and she was sentenced to serve a minimum of 12 years of a life sentence.

But that wasn't the end of her troubles, as Andrews went on the run after escaping from prison, then after being released was put behind bars again.

Here is what happened to Jane Andrews after she was put behind bars

Prison escape

Jane Andrews murdered her boyfriend Tom Cressman
Jane Andrews murdered her boyfriend Tom Cressman

Andrews was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder by a psychiatrist in 2002.

She served time at a jail in Yorkshire before being moved to an open prison in Kent.

After serving nine years of her sentence, Andrews made a daring prison escape from East Sutton Park Prison in Maidstone.

Andrews went on the run and sparked a three-day police manhunt while she spent days sleeping rough.

The Duchess of York was reportedly terrified during this time, with a 2009 Daily Mirror headline reading: "Sarah Ferguson terror as killer aide Jane Andrews goes on run."

It said armed police had piled in to guard the Duchess, adding: "Andrews, 40, is said to have never forgiven Fergie for sacking her when she was forced to cut back on staff."

Andrews made a desperate phone call to her parents, David and June, pleading for help, so they decided to make the 210-mile trip down to Kent to collect her.

Duchess of York with Jane Andrews behind her October 1994
Duchess of York with Jane Andrews behind her October 1994

They picked her up in the middle of the night from a graveyard, but the taxi driver recognised Andrews and would only take them to a local hotel.

He then tipped off authorities after dropping the group off at the hotel and cops were racing to the Premier Inn.

Around 20 minutes after the Andrews family had arrived at the hotel, police offices made their move and swooped on the building.

Andrews was arrested and her family was questioned, but none of them were charged over the jail break.

She was taken back to prison and moved back to a more secure facility to continue serving her sentence.

Plans for new life and behind bars again

Jane Andrews pictured being escorted by a prison officer into the Royal Courts of Justice
Jane Andrews pictured being escorted by a prison officer into the Royal Courts of Justice

Andrews pocketed £350,000 from selling her Battersea flat and planned to use the money to start a new life abroad when she was freed.

Fergie's former dresser invested the profit in an "escape fund" because she believed her notoriety would make it hard for her to live in the UK.

A source told The Sunday Mirror: "Jane made a huge profit and has invested the ­proceeds. She has let it be known she would like to live abroad.

"She loves the South of France – her dream is to live a life of leisure somewhere hot by a beach."

The news of the windfall was sickening to the Cressman family, with Tom’s brother Rick saying “No amount of money can take away the guilt of her offence.

"She has never shown any remorse for killing Tommy."

Jane Andrews, pictured, reportedly wanted to start a new life abroad
Jane Andrews, pictured, reportedly wanted to start a new life abroad

She was considered for early release several times but was repeatedly adjudged a 'danger to the public'.

A source said: "Andrews wasn’t at all happy because she was convinced she was going to be released.

"But the fact that she clearly still has obsessive tendencies didn’t help her convince the Parole Board that she wasn’t a ­danger.

"The lack of remorse is also an indicator that she may still be a danger and was taken into ­consideration. The views of the ­victim’s family are obviously heard, but the final barometer of whether somebody should be released is if they are deemed a danger. Clearly Andrews did not pass that test."

In June 2015, Andrews was released on license, but just three years later she was jailed once again after being accused of breaching the terms of her release by harassing a married man.

The claims were investigated but no further action was taken and Andrews was freed again in 2019.

Selling royal memorabilia

Andrews was freed again in 2019
Andrews was freed again in 2019

Between her two prison spells, Andrews reportedly raked in at least £500-a-month in sales flogging royal memorabilia at a stall inside an antiques centre.

She cashed in on her ties to the Duchess of York by setting up a stall selling royal items for cash.

Andrews spent time with Princess Diana and was even given the nickname ‘Lady Jane’ while working as Fergie's royal dresser.

She had been close to Fergie but was made redundant in November 1997 as part of a cost-cutting exercise, according to palace officials.

But Andrews used valuables she had collected during her time working for the royals to generate money, such plates commemorating Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding in 1981 and the birth of Prince William.

There were also mementos featuring the Queen, a paper weight marking Prince Charles and Diana's wedding and a mug with the Queen Mum and King George VI on it.

"She said she was selling the Royal items because they held bad memories for her," a source told The Sun.

Stacking shelves

Jane Andrews got a job at a supermarket
Jane Andrews got a job at a supermarket

In November last year, it was reported that Andrews was stacking shelves, which is a long way from her role as Fergie's royal dresser.

Andrews was working £8.50-an-hour shifts in Morrisons three days a week as a key worker amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"She’s no key worker. She’s a murderer," Tom's brother Rick told The Sun. "Shoppers should remember her deviousness and shocking crime."

He added: "She has never once in two decades apologised to my family. I doubt she has got any idea of the hurt and sadness she has caused."

Accused of selling Tom's valuables

Jane Andrews murdered her boyfriend Tom Cressman
Jane Andrews murdered her boyfriend Tom Cressman

Andrews started running an online business selling designer belts, figurines, vintage bags and jewellery from her home overlooking the sea.

But Tom's brother Richard said he recognised his sibling's Tintin memorabilia for sale on the website run by Andrews under her new name

Richard said he was certain a distinctive Tintin lilo and a TinTin silk scarf listed as a 'collector’s item’ belonged to his beloved brother.

Classic car enthusiast Tom, who was a business partner of late motor racing legend Stirling Moss, had a passion for Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi’s comic book creation.

Last September, Richard told the Daily Star: "My brother was very fond of everything Tintin.

"I saw pictures of the items on the site. There is a pool lilo. That is definitely the lilo acquired as a present from Tom.

"Anything to do with Tintin belonged to Tom or he will have given her."

Tom was murdered while he slept
Tom was murdered while he slept

Stunned Richard claimed Andrews should not be making a profit off items if they were given to her by his late brother.

"If they are gifts from him it is still in very bad taste," he added.

"She should have given them away not be selling them if she didn’t want them. I am shocked.

"Tom loved everything Tintin and started reading the Tintin books when he was very young in the South of France.

"They were presents for him and a way of helping him learn French.

"It’s a bit sick if she is now selling items that were his."

Fergie’s Killer Dresser documentary

Jane Andrews once served as Fergie's dresser
Jane Andrews once served as Fergie's dresser

The case is being revisited in tonight's new ITV documentary Fergie’s Killer Dresser: The Jane Andrews Story.

There are never-seen-before interviews with Andrew's defence psychiatrist Trevor Turner, who goes on record for the first time, as well as her cousin, who has known her since childhood.

Journalists, police, prosecution, close friends of the killer and Tom Cressman’s friends and family describe their experiences of the extraordinary case.

Some of those who met Andrews before the murder admit they would not have expected it of her.

"I still find it hard to believe that the girl I met in the corridors of Buckingham Palace knocked him on the head with a cricket bat and stabbed him,” says Royal commentator Ingrid Seward.

Yet for Tom’s family and most of the journalists who wrote about her, Jane is an obsessive stalker and 'a danger to all men'. 

His brother Rick Cressman says: "She never once said sorry for what she did, she’s just tried to get out of what she has done, [in] any way she could."

The documentary sets out to tell the definitive story of Andrews’ rise and deadly fall.

*Fergie’s Killer Dresser: The Jane Andrews Story airs tonight on ITV at 9pm