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Where can I buy an N95 face mask?

WEARING a mask slashes the risk of passing on Covid to close contacts three-fold, experts claim.

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order implementing a 100 Days Masking Challenge for American politicians to encourage stricter state-level Covid-19 measures.

Where can I buy n95 surgical face masks?

Masks help to curb the spread of coronavirus and keep the infection rate down, by stopping infected airborne droplets from reaching close contacts.  

You can order n95 masks from the following places:

Transmission of the virus within communities dropped drastically when more people wore face coverings, a US study found.

The research, led by scientists from Boston University and published in The Lancet, found: "A 10 per cent increase in reported mask-wearing was associated with an increase of more than three-fold in odds of transmission control.

"We found that communities with high reported mask-wearing and physical distancing had the highest predicted probability of transmission control."

Are n95 masks washable?

N95 masks can be rotated every 3–4 days, heated for 60 min, steamed or boiled for 5 min, and then air-dried, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

N95 masks, worn by frontline medics treating coronavirus patients, are a type of respirator because they offer even more protection than a surgical mask. 

It can filter out both large and small particles when the wearer inhales. As the name indicates, the mask is designed to block 95 percent of very small particles.

Are two masks better than one?

Dr. Jake Deutsch, an emergency medicine physician told NY1 that if you don’t have a mask like an n95, a second layer is always helpful.

“Having a less favorable mask, maybe just a surgical mask or something that you’ve made at home, putting a second layer or barrier as an extra layer of protection is never a bad thing,” Deutsch said.

“We want to make the air move in a pattern that’s sort of undulating and twisting and turning to block particles, and the finer the grade of the material, the less likely the particles we’re worried about of virus are going to travel through, and then having two layers is going to just be like a second layer of protection in order to prevent that transmission,” he continued.

“When it comes to masking it’s only as good as the level of protection that you have, and whether you are using something sophisticated like an N95 or just a piece of cloth, it really is about how you’re using it and the circumstances in which you allow that barrier to work,” he concluded.

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