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When will Peter Kay’s Car Share be released on BBC iPlayer and how many episodes will there be?


GOOD news for Peter Kay fans, Car Share is set to return.

The northern comedian has been away from the spotlight since 2017 and is now making his big comeback.

When will Peter Kay’s Car Share be released and how many episodes are there?

This brand new episode of Car Share is a one-off special, so there isn't any more episodes planned at the moment.

Peter announced he wanted to do something "poistive" for the UK, as we continue to be in lockdown.

It is also just audio not a video, but you will be able to listen to it on the BBC iPlayer.

You can stream it from 7pm TONIGHT (April 9, 2020).

What has Peter Kay said about the return of Car Share?

Speaking about the return of the show, Peter said in a statement: "It's a horrific situation right now we're all going through and like so many people I feel compelled to try to do something positive in an attempt to cheer people up in some way.

"Sian Gibson, Paul Coleman and myself got together via t'internet and wrote a new short episode of Car Share. It all happened very quickly - in fact, it didn't exist a week ago.

"Obviously we weren't able to film anything because of the lockdown but I hope people will use their imagination and enjoy listening."

What is Peter Kay's Car Share about?

Peter Kay's Car Share stars the stand-up comedian as John Redmond, an assistant manager at a supermarket, who is forced to undergo a company car share scheme.

Each episode follows the conversations that take place to and from work between him and promotions rep Kayleigh Kitson, played by Sian Gibson.

As the pair listen to the radio and talk about life, they get closer as they find themselves in a series of hilarious and touching situations, including failed dates and run-ins with work colleagues.

John and Kayleigh argue over club sandwiches in unscripted Peter Kay's Car Share

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