LOCKDOWN has left some of us with time on our hands.

With many people on furlough from work and restrictions meaning we are unable to travel anywhere, we have had to amuse ourselves in other ways.

Across the country people have been flexing their creative muscles and trying out new activities or taking on new hobbies. Some have returned to pastimes they enjoyed many years ago but had given up as life took over.

Cooking, baking, gardening, painting and reading are among the most popular hobbies taken up during lockdown. Needlework and knitting have also been a hit with people of all ages.

Such hobbies have not only led to people gaining a new skill but feeling better in themselves.

It is almost a year since the first lockdown began on March 16.

We would like you to tell us what new pastimes you have taken on. Have you dug your knitting needles out from the back of a cupboard, or joined an online book club?

You may have begun jogging or taken up another form of exercise.

Either way, we would like to hear from you.

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