Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers made for some of 2020’s juiciest TV as the pair plunged into an engagement before ever having laid eyes on each other on Netflix’s Love is Blind series.

After a few tumultuous weeks of frequent arguing in between bouts of intense romance, Gia made it all the way up the aisle just for Damian to dump her in front of their family and friends.

Gia ran off in tears in a scene that was as hard to watch as it was compelling but her love story with Damian didn’t end there.

Here's what happened to them next:

Are Gia and Damian still together?

You might think the humiliation of a dumping in front of her nearest and dearest (and 30 million Netflix viewers) would be enough to put Gia off love for life. However, on the Love is Blind reunion special which aired in March 2020, the couple announced they were giving their relationship another go.

Things have been a little confusing ever since and fans became suspicious when Damian was captured getting a little bit too close to Too Hot to Handle star, Francesca Farago, in September last year.

Despite that little ‘hiccup’, Gia confirmed via Instagram that she spent thanksgiving with Damian not long after but then she stopped sharing pics of her purported bae altogether so it’s all very up in the air.

You’ll have to wait till the next Love is Blind special, After the Alter, to find out.

What do Gia and Damian do for a living?

With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Gia works as a model and influencer, jetting off to fancy locations to create content and making us all jealous in the process.

Prior to Love is Blind, Damian worked as a general manager at an industrial supplies company but he is currently employed by Brawl for a Cause, an NGO that equips, trains and inspires everyday Americans to “literally fight for what they believe in.”

What are Gia and Damian’s Instagram handles?

You can find Gia on Instagram @gianninagibelli but you’ll have to scroll down for a while before you see a picture with Damian.

For Damian’s Insta head to @damian__powers. He last posted about Gia on October 5, 2020 with the caption “So incredibly lucky and blessed to have grown with you… Thank you for doing life with me.” How sweet!