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What are the dancing videos of Britney Spears and why are her fans concerned?

Several of her followers are genuinely concerned for the star as she continues to battle her conservatorship case against her father.

What are Britney Spears' dancing videos?

Over the past few months, Britney has uploaded a series of videos to Instagram and TikTok dancing around her house and yard.

In the videos, she typically sports low cut shorts, a crop top, messy extensions and smudged eyeliner.

She arches her back and twirls in circles, dancing to country and blues songs.

"I know I’m barefoot and my hair is once again a hot mess !!!!" she captioned one video.

"If you only knew what it’s like dancing in heels 👠 every night in Vegas and spending hours getting my hair and makeup perfect ... only then would you understand why my feet go to the holy ground whenever they can 😂😂😂 and how free my hair feels with no hairspray 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙏 !!!!"

In a hearing regarding her conservatorship, Britney's lawyer Sam Ingham likened her to a "comatose patient."

He alleged that Britney "lacked the capacity to sign a declaration," reportedly intending to "show she was not capable of signing a legal document," and referenced how "comatose patients can have their lawyers speak for them."

What have her fans said about her videos?

Fans have met Britney's videos with a mixture of worry and judgement.

"There is legit something wrong with her," one wrote, while another similarly added, "Britney what is happeninggggg."

One user wrote that her videos were "so uncomfortable to watch" and that "all her dances look the same,"

One person speculated that she may be hooked on drugs, writing "not gonna lie it looks like she been doing some meth."

"You go for it no one should tell you how to do what you do best," another encouraged.

What is the #FreeBritney movement?

"End the conservatorship

The 38-year-old's father and lawyer have had rights over her personal assets and $59million fortune since she had a public meltdown in 2008 – sparking outrage from fans.

"End the conservatorship" and "#freebritney" have trended on Twitter, as fans alleged Britney is being controlled and manipulated.

Outrage over her case increased after Kanye West announced his run for presidency – as people noted he was previously hospitalized for mental illness and held against his will, like Britney was in 2008.

Fans have claimed that the Toxic singer has been sending SOS messages through her social media account as her father still controls several aspects her life.

What is happening in Britney's conservatorship case?

Britney wants a co-conservator of her estate who will work alongside her sister Jamie-Lynn Spears.

Hearings have been taking place over the last few weeks as Britney seeks to gain some control back over her life from her father Jamie Spears.

Jamie has been his daughter's legal conservator for 12 years, due to concerns around her mental health.

At one hearing in late September, the 38-year-old pop star was absent but the music icon’s parents - along with multiple lawyers - video-conferenced in front of the judge.

The mom-of-three and her ex-husband are said to be at odds about how to control their famous daughter’s affairs as Jamie pushes to retain control of Britney’s estate.

A ruling on who will ultimately run her conservatorship is not expected until the new year.

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