A shocked Wetherspoon customer claims he was served 'the world's longest chip' stretching a giant 18.5 inches - but eagle-eyed 'Spoons fans have claimed it's not possible and called for an investigation.

Sam Mumford couldn't help but rush to Facebook and reveal a giant potato chip he says arrived with his chicken burger at The Black Boy in Newtown, Powys, on Friday, October 22.

The hospitality worker's post in a 100,000-member Wetherspoon fan group shows his friend holding the 'magnificent' find as it dwarfs the pint of Brewdog ale in his other hand.

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Fans then sent the post viral with more than 2,000 reactions, praising his 'utterly massive length'.

However, Sam was forced to defend his discovery after some members branded him a 'fraud' and called for an adjudicator to investigate claims he'd joined two chips together.

Sam then posted additional photos to add 'verification' to his claim, with one showing his chip almost spanning the full width of 'Spoon's infamous blue dinner plate.

Some commenters thought this picture was a sign of cheating
Sam was forced to back up his claims

Wetherspoons said that while they were unable to verify if the chip was indeed the 'world's longest', they congratulated Sam on his discovery.

Sam's first post said: "Forty two chips served tonight with a chicken burger, along with the world's longest chip, the size of a pint of Brewdog."

One user said: "Can I commend you on your utterly massive length Sam. Have you considered a career in p*rn?"

However, another said: "That's clearly two chips held together, Sam. Do you think we were born yesterday?"

Same made his discovery at the Black Boy Inn, Powys

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "Hats off to Sam for finding what he believes is the longest chip in the world.

"While we can't verify that, we can certainly say that it is a whopper of a chip.

"Our chips come in all shapes and sizes and this find highlights that.

"It's great that Sam took a photo for posterity - hopefully he enjoyed eating it too."

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