The family of Yousef Makki say they are 'frustrated' after it was revealed an inquest into his death could be delayed until next summer.

Yousef, 17, from Burnage and a scholarship pupil at Manchester Grammar School, died after being stabbed in the heart by friend Joshua Molnar in a fight in the leafy Trafford village of Hale Barns on March 2, 2019.

Last year, Mr Molnar, 19, from Hale, was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter following a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

He told a jury Yousef pulled a knife first and said he acted in self-defence.

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However, he admitted possessing the knife which inflicted the fatal injury, as well as lying to police at the scene.

He was sentenced to a 16-month detention and training order before being released last February.

Adam Chowdhary, now 19, of Hale Barns, was handed four-month detention and training order after he admitted possessing a flick-knife.

He was acquitted of perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to rob.

Inquest proceedings were initially stayed due to the criminal trial and also after it later emerged Molnar was facing criminal charges over handling an iPhone stolen in a violent robbery weeks before Yousef’s death, although there was no allegation that Molnar was involved in the mugging.

Molnar was handed a 12-month conditional discharge for the offence at Chester Crown Court in July.

Cheshire Police previously referred themselves to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) over their response to 'incidents prior to the death of Yousef Makki.'

Yousef Makki's sister Jade Akoum says they have been left 'frustrated' by inquest delays

Today (September 24), a pre-inquest review ahead of Yousef's inquest was told by a lawyer for the IOPC that that report was now complete and would soon be able to be shared with 'interested parties' in the inquest.

Both Mr Molnar and Mr Chowdhary have 'interested party' status in the inquest, along with Yousef's family, Greater Manchester Police, Cheshire Constabulary and the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

However Alsion Mutch senior coroner, at a pre-inquest hearing at South Manchester Coroners’ Court in Stockport on Friday, was told by lawyers representing Mr Molnar, the police and others, that they needed time to respond to the IOPC report.

More witnesses may also need to be called as a result it was said.

She ordered another pre-inquest review be held on Friday, October 15, ahead of the planned full inquest, currently scheduled to begin on Monday, November 8 this year.

Yousef Makki's inquest is currently due to begin on November 8

However, she said she also wanted to fix a 'fallback date' in the eventuality the current legal issues became 'insurmountable' meaning the inquest would have to be adjourned.

The next available date would now be in June this year the hearing was told due to the number of jury inquests the court was currently dealing with.

Matthew Stansbury, representing the family, told the hearing: "I cannot stress enough that the family is extremely anxious for the inquest to proceed. I just say that for it to be noted on their behalf."

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News afterwards, Yousef's sister Jade Akoum said: "I was quite taken aback.

"We have waited over a year for this date in November

"It's just so frustrating the legal system, the delays, they don't realise the anxiety it causes us.

Joshua Molnar who was cleared of the murder and manslaughter of Yousef Makki. His lawyer told pre-inquest review they have concerns about the 'scope;' of the inquest

"We want our say and to set things straight. Especially as I get to speak first about Yousef and his life.

"We have all prepared for this date, but we could have to wait another seven months for another seven or eight months for closure.

"We just want it out of the way now."

Ms Mutch said she was "certainly not prepared to vacate the inquest date at this stage."

"I am absolutely focused on making sure this inquest proceeds this year," she said.

"As for the family and all those involved, the earlier we can deal with it the better."

However, she added she wanted to get a reserve date pencilled in now "to make sure we don't get to a situation where the family have to wait even longer."

Senior Coroner Alison Mutch says she is doing all she can to ensure the inquest proceeds this year

Alexander Leach QC, representing Molnar, also questioned the “scope” of the inquest evidence to be heard during the hearing.

“At the moment we are a little unclear as to how wide the ambit of the hearing will be" he said.

Ms Mutch said the inquest was a "fact-finding exercise" aimed at answering statutory questions around Yousef's death and that it would "not be a re-hash of the criminal trial."

It was also confirmed that Yousef's sister Jade would now provide a 'pen portrait' and give evidence about her brother's life at the inquest, following the sad death of their mother Debbie Makki in May last year.

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