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We cautiously welcome Priti Patel’s commonsense plan for immigration

Priti’s on point

WE cautiously welcome Priti Patel’s commonsense plan for immigration.

Freed from the shackles of the EU, the UK will take control of our borders with an Australian-style, points-based system, the details of which she unveiled yesterday.

We agree with swapping an open door to unlimited numbers of unskilled EU workers for a controlled flow of the brightest and best from across the globe — including the EU.

And the Government is quite right to warn company bosses they must “do more” to employ UK-based workers.

It’s simply not fair that Brits have been squeezed out of jobs by big companies taking advantage of cheap foreign labour, and the imbalance has rankled with voters for decades.

But there’s a fly in the ointment. Will this plan do much to bring down the overall immigration numbers as the Tories have long promised?

Lawn & order

EXTINCTION Rebellion “activists” who dug up a lawn at Cambridge University are nothing more than virtue-signalling thugs.

If lads from a local estate were caught vandalising such hallowed grounds, they’d be roundly rebuked. But some — thankfully not the cops, who have made two arrests — want to make excuses for the children of middle-class dons.

We sympathise with the general cause: recent floods are a timely reminder that action on climate change can’t wait.

But how does destroying the hard work of grafting gardeners win over anyone to their side?

If Extinction Rebellion activists want to make themselves useful, they can head up North and help out with Storm Dennis relief efforts.

If not, they should skedaddle before they embarrass themselves any further.

Dump the tax

NEW Conservative MP Ric Holden is bang on the money: the toilet tax takes the... proverbial. Because of a weird loophole in the law, public toilets are liable for business rates.

That means councils which own public toilets have to stump up the considerable cost of running them — and a whacking great tax on top of that.

Councillors don’t like their precious cash being sucked down the pan, so are falling over each other to shut them.

And the results have been disastrous for those with medical issues that make public lavs a godsend.

According to the Royal Society of Public Health, one in five people don’t leave their homes as often as they would like to because they can’t be confident of finding a loo when they need one.

If Rishi Sunak is looking to prove he’s got his head screwed on, scrapping the toilet tax would be a good place to start.

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