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Watch Stoke’s jubilant Welsh stars sing ‘Wales, Golf, Madrid’ down chippy alley at 3.30am after sealing Euro 2020 spot

WELSH stars dished out a Real battering to back Gareth Bale - belting out "Wales, Golf, Madrid" with fans in Cardiff's Chippy Alley at 3.30am.

Stoke players Joe Allen and Sam Vokes joined jubilant scenes in the Welsh capital's famous Caroline Street after Wales reached the Euro 2020 finals with a 2-0 win over Hungary.

Real boss Zinedine Zidane reportedly considered making Bale train alone after the 30-year-old and Wales' team-mates held a flag displaying the title of the fans' song mocking Madrid.

Two Wales aces then went one step further in Cardiff as they revelled with dancing Dragons' supporters late at night in the middle of the street.

Football fan and student film-maker Cameron James spotted ex-Liverpool midfielder Allen, 29, and former Burnley striker Vokes, 30, at the centre of boisterous antics.

And when James posted a clip on Twitter, social media burst into approval.


One fan said: "Lads. Every single one of them. What a squad we have."

Allen came in for particular praise, with one viewer commenting: "Literally love him. he’s right in the middle of it all flying around everywhere cause he’s so tiny but he was loving every second. Such a legend."

But another supporter joked Bale would now be exiled on loan to mid-table La Liga club Osasuna.

And when some suggested the group should have been Singing "Wales, Chickens, Stoke" clip-poster James replied: "We were singing that as well after, just didn’t get a video sadly" (plus three laughing emojis).

One tweeted: "Outstanding video! Only slight thing to pick you up on its Chippy Lane. Weirdly everyone from outside Cardiff calls it either Chip Alley or Chippy Alley."

Over in Madrid, though, many Real fans are still seething over Bale's flag prank.

El Chiringuito TV host Josep Pedrerol even urged Bernabeu president Florentino Perez to sack Bale over the stunt.

Pedrerol said: "The chant from the Welsh, making fun of the predicament between the player and Real Madrid... 'Wales. Golf. Madrid.'

"And he is laughing, dancing and jumping around. Florentino [Perez] get rid of him."

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