Great Britain

Wally the Walrus still having a whale of a time on his hols around the British Isles

WHERE’S Wally? Well, the lost walrus is a long way from home in the Arctic Circle, but after a couple of months exploring UK waters he still looks like he’s having a whale of a time on his hols around the British Isles.

 And although wildlife groups are keen to get him home, so far he’s resisting all rescue attempts and seems in no wal-rush to leave.

That may be because he’s having so many adventures – which we’re sure he’d love to share with his friends and family back home.

Emily Fairbairn has seen the postcards Wally sent home to the frozen north.

Dear Mum,

Sun, sea and a specially built pontoon - where did it all go right? Feeling so chillaxed down here in Britain, I can

almost forget about the melting polar ice caps. Almost. 

Even so, would love to try a break in Tusk-any next year.

Love, Wally x

Hello peeps,

Really feel it’s important to spend time with the locals when you’re abroad, you know? We’ve got so much to teach each other.

I learned that they’ve got a famous song round here called I Am The Walrus – and this guy learned what happens when a 2,000lb sea mammal climbs into your dinghy.

Loved it!

W x

Hi lads,

Yep, that’s me, partying with the locals. They joked that they were trying to scare me back into the sea – crazy sense of humour, but they love an airhorn out here. Absolutely mad one tonight – put your flippers in the air like you just don’t care!

Gotta come back for a boys’ trip. Tusks On Tour 2022 – put it in the diary now.

Laters, Wal-dog 

Dear Gran,

So many brilliant activities on offer in the Isles of Scilly.

I saw a sign for a Scenic Boat Trip and thought I’d take a ride. But it seems they don’t like it if you try to board without a ticket, and they shouted at me to blubber off. At least that’s what I think they said. Think I’m getting too long in the tooth for this sort of caper. 

Your Wally 

Dear Deidre,

I thought I was boat-body ready but I’ve been branded a vandal by cruel trolls who say I’m too heavy for a dinghy. 

But then, what can I do about my dangerous curves? Each year I have to fatten up to cope with the Arctic winter and once that’s over, just you try finding a gym north of Svalbard. (If you can, you’ll get my seal of approval.)

W Walrus, The Sea

Hello all.

Hands up if you’re having the holiday of a lifetime! OK, it’s flippers up in my case, but you get the idea. 

Weather’s great,  there’s not a pesky polar bear in sight to spoil the day and these slipways are great for basking in the sunshine – when the humans aren’t launching their boats down them. One missed me by a whisker yesterday.

Fish - sorry, wish - you were here.

Wals x

Hi guys,

I don’t want to brag, but a few people round here have started saying I’m a star and a famous face.

Or maybe they were saying I had a star . . . on my face. Not quite sure. Either way, it seems your Wally is ­managing to make some big waves among the Brits. 

Just wait until they see what I can do with a sea urchin.

All the best, Wal Of Fame 

Wally the Walrus lolls in the sea as he sparks a tourism boom in Tenby, Pembrokeshire

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