By refusing to extend free school meals for children in England over the half-term holidays, Boris Johnson proved he does not care and is badly out of touch.

When he followed this refusal by posing for photos in a kitchen holding a plate heaped with sausages and mash, he only emphasised the sheer callousness of letting kids go hungry.

It cannot be the cost; it would negligible compared with the hundreds of billions being spent battling coronavirus – often very badly.

Perhaps the proud Tory leader simply resents being shamed by Marcus Rashford, who has never forgotten where he came from and, crucially, possesses the moral fibre tragically lacking in our privileged PM.

Marcus Rashford possesses the moral fibre lacking in the Prime Minister

Perhaps Johnson does not value decency. Instead of vouchers to help fill the empty stomachs of our poorest children, he gives them only hollow words. They deserve better.

Stand united

Our initiative to mark Remembrance Sunday on our doorsteps this year has won widespread support and is now backed by the head of the Royal Marines.

Major General Matthew Holmes recognises that we must honour those who serve, without putting lives at risk.

With larger gatherings at local war memorials and the Cenotaph in Whitehall sadly curtailed this year, people across the country can still fulfil the annual debt of honour by standing outside their homes for a respectful two minutes’ silence at 11am on November 8.

Remembrance Sunday gatherings at the Cenotaph will be curtailed this year

As a country we pull together in adversity. We justifiably clapped heroic health workers and carers on Thursday evenings in lockdown.

On Remembrance Sunday we must unite again – this time behind our armed forces.

Flotus voter

As Jill Biden shines on the campaign trail, is there more to Melania Trump’s absences than her brush with coronavirus?

In the battle of the First Ladies, the one wed to a President she never wanted to win in the first place has most to gain from defeat.