Police in East Kilbride called in helicopter support to deal with an incident in the Show Park on Friday morning.

The incident is thought to have happened around 11.30am, with a number of officers visible in the park and chopper hovering above.

Video footage shared online appears to show officers move to detain an individual during the nationwide lockdown.

The video appears to show the man, who has a light blue hooded top on with hood up, agitated as he remonstrated with officers

In the video shared on Facebook, one witness can be heard talking about the man who appears to be of interest to police.

She says: “It’s as if he’s got something, he’s on the phone.

“They’re going to taser him, the one that’s going towards him, he’s got a taser. The one without the high vis.”

A source told the News there were 'eight officers' in attendance

A source told The News that “eight officers were in attendance” and the man in the video “was tasered”.

The man, in the centre of the picture, appeared agitated

But police did not confirm whether that was true when speaking to us.

A police source told the News: “Officers were dealing with a call regarding concern over a man in his mid-20s.

“The individual was spoken to and has been taken to hospital for a full assessment.”