Football is one of the oldest sports in history.

Look up the records and you'll see the beautiful game was played as far back as the Medieval times. In fact, one King even banned it, making it punishable by death.

Now the game we all know and love feels like it's actually being killed off - by VAR.

And pretty soon, I fear goal celebrations will also be a thing of the past.

Honestly, I really do feel for the players in today’s modern game.

Ever since the introduction of VAR, the pure raw emotion of scoring what they think is an absolute blinder of a goal is being cruelly taken away. 'VAR: checking goal.'

The fans are equally in limbo. Even if it is allowed, the moment has completely gone.

VAR has caused controversy around offside decisions and more this season

Honestly, it’s killing the most exciting part of the game - and that affects the atmosphere, which then ultimately feeds back to the players, which I can only imagine isn’t exactly good for their morale.

VAR is getting far too many decision wrong, in my opinion.

Last week I was at Stamford Bridge to see my beloved Chelsea lose to Manchester United where two goals were disallowed. It was another VAR-ce.

Mirror Football columnist Amy Christophers is a qualified referee

And that was before last Saturday's shambles when Giovani Lo Celso should have seen red.

You could watch it 200 times and it's a red every time. Yet somehow VAR didn't give it. No wonder the the PGMOL later admitted they were wrong.

Everyone seems to have a mixed opinion on it, mainly depending on whether the decision ruled by VAR goes for or against their team. None of the decisions ever seem to go Chelsea's way!

Against United, there was a penalty not given, disallowed goals (fair enough on the offside) and, for me, there was a clear foul by Harry Maguire which I felt should have resulted in a sending off.

VAR decided not to punish Man United captain Harry Maguire after an apparent kick on Chelsea's Michy Batshuayi

The issue is consistency. VAR is supposed to be there to iron out doubt and human error.

Every fan base has been effected in some degree, some more than others.

I know it was brought in for the greater good. Still, it all just seems so corporate, and I fear football will lose its loyal supporters.

I've heard many season ticket holders already complain about the way it's going, with some even saying they won't continue it next season (on the bright side maybe I'll get my season ticket quicker now).

I qualified as a referee five years ago. Even I am still baffled with how often VAR is put into action.

Olivier Giroud had a goal disallowed for Chelsea against Man Utd by VAR

I find myself asking how we get the happy medium with it; we are seeing so many VAR decisions overruling the referees!

So, with VAR only meant to be brought in for 'clear and obvious' errors, it makes me question if VAR is being overused and abused or has the standard of our referees slipped? Are they becoming too reliant on VAR?

Having some understanding of refereeing from my own experience, I would love to spend the day with the Premier League and learn more about the usage of VAR and speak with some referees about it.

So, if anyone from the Premier League would like to invite me down for a chat over a cuppa - you know where I am.

I've heard the fans opinions, and I know my own, but I wanted to get another angle to debate.

So I caught up with former Liverpool star turned pundit Jermaine Pennant.

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"It's not VAR fault," he said.

"It's been brought in to help the game, it's the laws that need looking over. Especially the offside rule.

"VAR should stay 100%, but the rules need to change. VAR doesn't make the rules; it just follows them.

"If they are going to use VAR for what the naked eye will not see or pick up for clear and obvious, then they need to change the rules of margins.

"An accidental toenail shouldn't be deemed offside. But they are the rules, unfortunately, and it's just VAR can pick up on that."