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US debate FURY: Trump locked in heated spat with host - 'I'm debating him not you?!' 

us election debate 2020

Donald Trump has clashed with debate host Chris Wallace (Image: BBC)

The US President and Joe Biden are in Ohio for the first debate ahead of the November 3 election. After the candidates made their opening remarks, Mr Wallace attempted to ask Mr Trump about his administrations healthcare plan.

Mr Trump spoke over the moderator to challenge his claims about Obamacare, and the Trump administrations attempts to repeal it.

Mr Wallace said: “Over the last four years you have promised to repeal and replace Obamacare (…) but you have never come up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obamacare.”

Mr Trump leaped in to defend his record, and said he had “got rid of the original mandate” in a high-tempered spat with the administrator.

After Mr Wallace eventually asked what the President’s health care plan was, Mr Trump hit back: “First of all I guess I’m debating you not him but that’s okay, I’m not surprised.”

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