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Unskilled foreign workers will be banned from settling in Britain under Tories’ planned immigration shake-up


UNSKILLED foreign workers will be banned from settling in Britain under the Tories’ planned immigration shake-up.

But the exceptionally talented will get fast-track entry with no need to get a job offer first.

The sweeping changes will be brought in if the Tories win the election on Thursday and take back control of UK borders after Brexit.

Any visitor applying to move here would be put into one of three groups and have to notch up a required number of qualifying points.

Free movement will end and EU citizens will be bound by a new Australian-style points-based system which will apply to all overseas visitors.

Mr Johnson told The Sun on Sunday: “This system will help us to take back control of our immigration system. The great advantage is that it is sensitive, efficient and responsive to the needs of our economy.”

The first group is for those with an exceptional talent or contribution.

This includes highly-educated migrants and those with amazing skills — such as performers, scientists or new business entrepreneurs.

They would be given swift clearance to live and work here indefinitely.

The second is for skilled workers who notch up enough points and have a confirmed job offer.

Those applying for work in badly needed fields – such as the NHS – will get fast-track treatment and reduced visa fees.

Low-skilled workers will be able to seek entry via the third group – the “sector- specific rules-based” section.

This is for short-term tourist visits, seasonal farm work or youth exchanges.

But these visas will not provide a path to settling in the UK.

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