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Ulrika Jonsson hits back at troll who called her a ‘Debbie downer’ for saying she ‘f***ing hates’ mammograms

ULRIKA Jonsson has hit back at a troll who called her a "Debbie downer" for saying she "f***ing hates" mammograms.

The 53-year-old had detailed her traumatic experience while urging others to still go - "because not going could kill you".

But she was furious when a follower sent a comment criticising her post - and she shared her response.

The troll said: "I understand that you don't like mammograms. I don't either.

"But every time I read your posts it's always a Debbie Downer. I followed you to cheer me up... I'm currently reviewing the situation."

Ulrika replied: "Ah Karen. I'm so sorry I'm not a jolly bunny all the time. I think you're on the wrong page. #ByeFelicia."

Ulrika had earlier shared a picture of her getting her mamogramm.

She wrote: "So here’s the thing. I don’t like mammograms. I’d rather have a smear test and give birth four times, back to back. I have a somewhat compliqué relationship with my boobs.

"I didn’t have any for ages and when they finally showed up, they were the kind that entered the room 30sec before I did. I hated them.

"Granted, they fed my children with varying degrees of success but I still detested them. As per, I went against the norm and had them reduced in 2009. Best thing ever.

"My last mammogram was SO painful, I walked in this time and blurted out: 'I f***ing hate this....'. I was anxious. It had felt like the machine basically stamped on my breast.

"This time I had an empathetic nurse who said she wouldn’t go to 'compression level 8 but just level 6'. It made all the difference. Still unpleasant but I didn’t have an internal, boobie panic.

"So, thank you Nurse Carolina for handling my little maracas with such care and reassuring me.

"You must go if are asked to have a mammogram. I can guarantee it won’t kill you. But not going, could.

"(And I just need to pre-empt all those with mastectomies or double mastectomies that you have my utter empathy and love. But I don’t have to love and be grateful for my tits just because I have them)."

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