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UK weather forecast – Torrential rain to lash Britain for two days after -7C big freeze


IT’S bad news for an already saturated UK – torrential rain is set to sweep across the country after the -7C big freeze.

The Met Office has forecast heavy rainfall and strong winds heading in to the weekend.

The service said that coastal areas will feel particularly "chilly" as southeasterly gusts sweep in.

UK's forecast for the next five days is for cold and cloudy for most areas, and rain.

The Met Office said that tonight will see some clear spells in the northwest, along with patchy frost.

Many other areas will be cloudy, with showery rain in places - and torrential rain in parts of the south and southwest.

Friday's forecast is for a cloudy start to the day, for most areas, "with showery rain".

But, these showers will "turn heavy and persistent in parts of southwest Britain.

"Northwestern areas are likely to be brightest again."

It will be "slightly less cold generally" across the UK.

The Met Office's outlook for Saturday through to Monday is for "continuing unsettled weather".

It's forecast wind, "especially in the east", along with showers "or longer spells of rain for many places, milder than of late, especially overnight."

Are you winter weather ready?

Two-thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, according to the latest research from the Met Office.

This is despite regularly checking the weather forecast.

A huge 74 per cent of those surveyed don’t think they are ready for winter.

And 20 per cent admit that they only start winter preparations, such as checking their boiler and pipes and stocking up their freezer, in December.

Yet the most cited disruption from bad weather was boilers breaking down and pipes bursting, the survey found.

Although more than a quarter (27 per cent) check the weather up to ten times a week, the same small percentage spend time preparing their winter wardrobe (27 per cent) and getting their house ready (22 per cent) for winter.

Will Lang, head of civil contingencies at the Met Office, said: “Changeable weather is a fact of life throughout the winter months as the recent heavy rainfall and flooding has shown us.

"Taking a small amount of time to prepare now can make a big difference in keeping family, friends and neighbours, as well as property and businesses safe throughout the months ahead.”

  • Prepare a winter kit for your car, such as ice scraper, de-icer, torch, in-car phone charger, warm clothes and blankets
  • Vehicle checks – before setting off, make sure your vehicle has adequate oil and coolant, jack, wheel brace, spare wheel, warning lights and spare keys
  • Property checks – check roof for loose slates or tiles, clear guttering
  • Keep your home warm – heat your home to at least 18C, to keep you warm and healthy
  • Check on others – check on older neighbours and relatives during severe weather, ensuring they have plenty of food and medicine, so they don’t have to go out in really bad weather

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