Brits are set to be battered by a full 10 days of wet and potentially stormy weather from Monday, with a "polar plunge" expected in Scotland.

Heavy rains and strong gales are set to lash different parts of the UK as low pressure from the Atlantic pushes in as of Monday.

Rainfalls of up to 4inches and 60mph gales are set to hit England, bringing a "real" risk of severe flooding in some areas.

The weather will hold out till the end of the month, meaning unfortunate Brits should prepare for a "wet Halloween".

Meteorologist for British Weather Services Jim Dale, said the settled conditions we've been seeing lately will be replaced by a "very turbulent" few weeks.

The stormy weather carries a 'real risk' of flooding (


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He told the Sun : ""It will turn colder later in the week and there could be a risk of snow which if it comes, will fall over the hills of Scotland.

"The stormy pattern is expected to hold out until end of the month with a very wet, windy, and possibly stormy, Halloween on the cards."

"It is time to get ready for a big change in the weather with a real witches brew in the run up to Halloween," he added.

Strong gales are set to batter parts of the country as the low pressure from the Atlantic pushes in (


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Milder air pushing from the south throughout Monday and Tuesday, however, will also be at play, meaning places like London could see temperatures reach 20C.

Over in Scotland, people should prepare for a "polar plunge" as first substantial snowfall is expected on the high ground from 6am on Thursday, the Daily Record reports.

Bitter 8-11C days are due, with frosts and freezing nights for some. Lows hit -3.6C this weekend at Redesdale Camp, Northumberland.

A Met Office forecaster said: “From Thursday, temperatures will fall below average for most, increasing the likelihood of snow over higher ground in the North.”

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “There will be a big change to our weather, with a chilly end to the week.”

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “Some of the chilliest air this season is due. At the very least, snow is likely to have covered some Scottish mountains.”

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