More than 10,000 coronavirus tests were carried out yesterday in England, but critics say this is still not enough.

Public Health England announced the figures today, adding that testing capacity for inpatient care in England currently stands at 12,799 tests per day.

It comes after weeks of concerns being raised over the lack of testing, with many drawing comparisons to other countries who have managed to test far greater numbers in a shorter amount of time. Germany carries out 500,000 Covid-19 tests every week.

The government has confirmed that so far, only 2,000 NHS staff have been tested for coronavirus, yet there are 1.3 million full-time equivalent staff working for NHS England.

This means that just over 0.15% of the NHS workforce has so far been tested for the virus that its workers are putting their lives at risk to treat.



Medical staff say tests need to be urgently increased with government ministers admitting tests must be ramped up as soon as possible.

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