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Tyson Fury set to make £30MILLION from the ‘biggest fight for 25 years’ against Deontay Wilder

BOXER Tyson Fury will make £30million from the “biggest fight for 25 years” early Sunday morning.

Brit fans have taken over Las Vegas, with “Gypsy King” Fury tipped to win plenty of home support for his bout with American Deontay Wilder.

Fury, 31, will pick up a guaranteed £3.9million but the purse will rocket with pay-per-view sales.

He already has iconic status in Vegas, where he is fighting for a third time in a row.

His entourage — including brother Tommy and his Love Island co-star girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague — are mobbed wherever they go by adoring fans. Manchester builder Billy Conway, 34, is out there with eight pals who paid £400 a ticket.

He told The Sun: “It’s a dream come true. We’ve followed The King since day one and know he’ll do the business.

“We’re all staying at Caesar’s Palace, which is more like Geezer’s Palace now we’re there.”

A US fan added: “He might not be homegrown but everyone loves Fury in this town. He’s unpredictable and that makes him box office.

“He’ll get as much support as Wilder, maybe more!”

Bars around the Las Vegas Strip have shipped in record amounts of Guinness and lager. Yesterday, rowdy Brits crowded the lobby of the MGM Grand where the fight will take place in the 17,000-seater Grand Garden Arena.

Matt Tulip, 31, from Southampton, told The Sun: “I’ve come here with some friends after holidaying in LA. I decided last year I wanted to do a big fight. I hope Fury pulls it off. He is clearly the better boxer but Wilder carries the ultimate equaliser with his punching power.”

Nik Snapes, 33, from Putney, South West London, added: “I am here on holiday with my girlfriend.

'Fury will be like the home fighter'

“Fury will be like the home fighter once the crowd packs in and that could break Wilder’s spirit, especially if Tyson makes a strong start.”

City billboards bore huge images of the heavyweight titans.

Supporters mixed with Donald Trump fans, in the city to see the US President speak at a rally.

Manchester-born Fury, a 6ft 9in colossus, and “Bronze Bomber” Wilder, who is 6ft 7in, fought to a thrilling draw in Los Angeles in December 2018 — in a contest which saw the Brit get off the canvas in the final round.

Organisers were careful to keep the pair apart to prevent any on-stage drama at last night’s tense weigh in.

The pair had shoved each other and traded verbal blows in some fierce trash-talking at a press conference earlier in the week. Fury jibed that 34-year-old Wilder’s “momma” was a better fighter.

He added: “He’s a bully and when a bully gets bullied, he falls every time. Is there anything the Gypsy King can’t do? I know he’s coming for a fight and I’m coming for a fight.

“The fans are going to be in for a treat.”

In reference to his bone-shaking final round punch last time, Wilder replied: “Round 12 has been living in his mind a long time.

“It’s always living in his head. If he says otherwise, he’s lying.”

Tommy and Molly-Mae, both 20, took selfies with punters and signed autographs at the pre-fight press conference.

Molly got into the spirit of the trip by wearing a bomber jacket with Las Vegas emblazoned across the back.

Other celebs going to the fight include former One Direction star Liam Payne. But showman Tyson stole the show dressed in a suit with his face printed all over it.

Fury is the marginal favourite to win tomorrow.

But Wilder is still without a pro defeat and has a fearsome record of 42 wins. The American, whose girlfriend Telli Swift stars in TV’s Wags Atlanta, currently holds the WBC belt.

Whoever wins Sunday’s bout is likely to fight Brit Anthony Joshua, who holds the other three main belts.

Fury’s camp manager Timothy Allcock revealed yesterday that the fighter had ditched Diet Cokes to get into top shape.



BOXER and Love Island star Tommy Fury has revealed what it feels like to be punched by big brother Tyson.

He warned: “Put it this way, Tyson will take a look at you, and a little tap from Tyson is — at 6ft 9in and 19stone — going to hurt.

“I’ve taken a punch of what he’d give from 45 millimetres away and that’s hard enough, I can tell you.

“There’s never, ever going to be another man like Tyson on the planet.

“He’s the most mentally strong person in the entire world.”

Tyson, 31, has been eating “five or six meals” and drinking eight litres of water a day at his training camp.

Tommy, 20, said he wouldn’t be doing the same for fights, adding: “Tyson’s his own man. He’ll do whatever Tyson’s going to do. But that’s the best thing about him. He’s very unpredictable.”

While enjoying fame with Love Island girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy insists he isn’t trying to compete with his brother for the limelight.

He added: “I’m just out to be Tommy Fury. I’m not a reality TV man. I’m not an entertainment guy.

“I’m a fighting man. I’ve been doing that all my life, not six months out.

“Love Island is what I’m known for, but make no mistake when I’m finished I’ll be known for being one of the best fighters to come out of Britain.

“That’s what I want to do, what I’ve got my mind set on — and nothing’s changing that.”

He said: “Tyson has been sparring amazingly. Everything has been put into place, done properly and has benefitted him. The big differences have been food, particularly strictness with what is in camp.

“Silly little things like cans of Diet Coke have gone.

“Tyson never really stuck to the diet plan we gave him last time. He was always nipping out and eating fast food outside the camp. All that has changed.”

The fight is taking place amid frenzied political activity in Vegas — with a Democratic Primary caucus set to take place in Nevada today following on from Trump’s visit.

Fight promoter Bob Arum said the President was welcome ringside if he wanted to delay his return to the White House. Arum said: “If Trump asked to come to the fight, he’s the President of the United States and he’d be welcomed.

“He might not be in my party but look how many more pay-per-views we can sell because the President was there! He has a tremendous following.”

The fight is due to start at around 5am UK time and is being screened around the world. BT Sport Box Office is showing the clash in the UK for £24.95 and millions of fight fans are expected to tune in.

ESPN and Fox Sports are combining pay-per-view shows in the US.

Deontay Wilder's wife Telli Swift has absolute confidence that he will beat Tyson Fury