A TV and stand are the 'worst' items yet to have been dumped outside a charity shop which has already asked people to not leave donations in lockdown.

Despite having six signs in the front windows asking people not to leave donations, British Heart Foundation in Darwen has been plagued with people leaving items outside the store throughout lockdown.

Volunteers at the charity shop, which has been closed throughout the current lockdown, are once again asking the public to wait until they are open to donate their items after a TV and TV stand has been left outside the shop.

One of the volunteers has said that the most recent donation which he noticed on Saturday morning (March 27) is the largest and most difficult to dispose of yet.

He said: "We can't sell that TV. It's normally old people in the shop - how are they supposed to take that.

"This is the worst one [donation] I have seen. There has been lots of bin bags but this one will be the hardest one to move."

The volunteer has asked that the person that put the item outside the shop to come and collect it as if will not be possible for them to sell an item like this.

Although every donation is of course appreciated, due to the lockdown six signs have been placed in the windows which read 'please do not leave donations outside as they may be removed or damaged'.

Many residents are perplexed however as to why the charity shop isn't opening one day a week to accept donations, however earlier in the year, a spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation told the Lancashire Telegraph that volunteers have been unable to go into the shop during lockdown as they are prohibited from doing so under the current restrictions.

Speaking earlier in the year, the charity shop said that they have had a running issue with people leaving donations outside the shop and have asked people to keep stuff at home ready to donate once the shop has re-opened again.