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Trump fans sign up for ‘magacoin’ cryptocurrency – but users’ emails and passwords quickly hacked in website data breach

THE MAGA movement’s minting of its own conservative cryptocurrency hit the skids after a hacktivist claimed to have breached the site’s security and exposed some of the 1,000 users' critical information. 

The MAGACOIN, is described as the “digital currency for the MAGA community” when it launched last week.

The hacktivist shared some of the 1,0000 cryptocurrency holders’ identities and claimed to have commandeered their personal emails, passwords, crypto wallet details, and IP addresses.

The computer rogue shared some of the boldface Republicans and conservative media personalities in a report published by the Guardian.

Most of the people who signed up on the new political crypto website were given a complimentary 100 MAGACOIN as an introductory offer. 

There are some who plunked down for the Ambassador Program to nab 1,000 free MAGACOIN. 

Rightwing Denver broadcaster John Rush whose radio show Rush To Reason secured 1,500 MAGACOIN, according to the publication.

Rush featured an interview with Littleton, Colorado-based Carmart Inc honcho Marc Zelinka, who explained how he secured the MAGACOIN trademark in April. 

Zelinka originally oversaw the MAGACOIN Facebook page.

But he told the outlet he's since relinquished control of the social page and passed on the MAGACOIN reins to another Trump backer in North Carolina named Reilly O’Neal. 

“I don’t control it anymore,” Zelinka told the Guardian.

O’Neal is now the one identified as controlling MAGACOIN and its affiliated websites.

When prompted to predict the future of the cryptocurrency by one reviewer, a Facebook administer of the page wrote: “...the goal is to get Magacoin on [an] exchange.... There's a [super PAC] with 10,000,000 coins in it…”

Indeed, on June 8, a super political action community (SuperPAC) tied to the cryptocurrency called:  “Magacoin Victory Fund” registered with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) with a Raleigh, North Carolina address, where other political groups are reportedly operated by O’Neal. 

And the MAGAGOIN website claims it has been bolstered with a 10million MAGACOIN donation to support “MAGA candidates across the country who will fight for individual rights, religious liberty, protecting the unborn, the 2nd amendment, freedom of speech and the entire America First Agenda.”

There are around 75 million MAGACOIN that were created to represent the 75 million voters who “were disenfranchised on November 3rd, 2020,” according to the website.

The massive number is intentional.

It is the same number of Americans who claimed to have voted for former President Donald Trump who was determined to have been defeated by President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

They're hoping to leverage the crypto coffers when Americans return to the voting ballot box come 2022.

“MAGACOIN was created by America First Conservatives out of frustration with ‘Losing the Election’ and a desire to fight back by supporting MAGA candidates in 2022 and beyond,” the site reads.

Fervent Trump supporters attempted to reverse the election results in various battleground states and unsuccessfully filed lawsuits claiming the vote was rigged in favor of Biden.

While MAGACOIN may be intended to push forward Trump’s America First agenda, it remains to be seen if the former president approves or not. 

But during a June 7 interview on Fox Business, the 45th president questioned the legitimacy of cryptocurrency and claimed it's unpatriotic.

"Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam," he said.

"I don’t like it because it is another currency competing against the dollar. Essentially, it is a currency competing against the dollar.

"I want the dollar to be the currency of the world, that’s what I’ve always said.”

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